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I don't know how many players exactly, but i can tell you that David Beckham definantly has as he has played for. Manchester United, Real Madrid and A.C Milan.

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Q: Who has played in Milan Manchester Madrid derby?
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Who has played in a Manchester derby Madrid derby and Milan derby?

David Beckham

Which player has played in Manchester derby merseyside derby Milan derby and a Glasgow derby?

Andei Kanchelskis - Manchester United, Everton, AC Milan and Rangers

What player played in Manchester derby the Milan derby and the galactico?


Which player has played in a Manchester derby a London derby and milan derby?

ince and wilkins

Which player has played in the Merseyside Derby Manchester Derby Glasgow Derby and the Madrid Derby?


Who played in the Manchester derby Merseyside derby Glasgow derby and Milan derby?

Paul Ince (Man Utd, Liverpool, Inter Milan)

Who is the only man to have played in the merseyside derby Manchester derby and milan derby?

Paul Ince

Who played in the Manchester derby London derby Milan derby Glasgow derby?

The Manchester derby would be between Manchester United and Manchester City. The Milan derby would be between AC Milan and Inter Milan. The Glasgow derby would be between Celtic and Rangers There are 5-6 London teams in the English Premier League at any one time so lots of different derbies.

Played in Manchester derby and merseyside derby and real Madrid versus Barcelona?

Steve McManmin

Which footballer has played in a Madrid Rome Milan and London derby?

Christian Panucci

Player who has played in milan derby Manchester derby and Barcelona?

It could be the French striker Thierry Henry.

Who played in the Edinburgh derby Glasgow derby Manchester derby London derby Milan derby?

Nobody has played in 5 major derby games. Nobody. Ray Wilkins - Chelsea, Man Utd, AC Milan, Rangers and Hibs!

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