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mark bosnich

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Q: Who has played for man united Aston villa and Chelsea?
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Who has managed Manchester United Chelsea Aston Villa and Wolves?

Tommy Docherty

Who played for Norwich Blackburn Chelsea Celtic Birmingham Aston Villa?

Chris Sutton he retired after injuring his eyesight playing for Aston villa

What is the biggest rivalry in the epl?

Birmingham City - Aston Villa Manchester United - Manchester City Chelsea - West Ham United Arsenal - Tottenham My opinion: Birmingham City - Aston Villa

Is Chelsea better than Aston Villa?

No! History wise no. Aston Villa have won more trophies over the years than Chelsea. Aston Villa have won the European cup before Chelsea, more top flight division trophies and League cups. However Chelsea have won the same amount of FA cups as Aston Villa but Chelsea have been in the final more times that Villa which means Villa were more consistent in the FA cup finals than Chelsea. Aston Villa are a bigger club than Chelsea. Today Chelsea have the better team over Villa, but you can say that Chelsea Buy their way through football, meaning they are a money club unlike Villa who are more traditional.

How much was Tony Hateley transfered for from Aston Villa to Chelsea?

Tony Hateley broke the Chelsea transfer record when Chelsea paid Aston Villa £100,000 for the player during the summer of 1966.

Is Chelsea Fc Better Than Aston Villa?


List 8 football teams?

Arsenal, Aston Villa, Blackburn Rovers, Chelsea, Bolton, Manchester United, Newcastle United, Sunderland

Who has played for Manchester united Manchester city and Aston villa?

peter schmeichel

Who played for dundee united Aston villa wolves and everton?

Andy Gray.

Which player has played for both Aston villa and leeds united?

Fabien Delph

Who was Aston Villa goalkeeper in 1997?

Australian goalkeeper Mark Bosnich played for Aston Villa between 1992 and 1999, when he joined Manchester United on a free.

Which is better in epl manu or Aston villa?

Manchester United are far better then Aston Villa.

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