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Edgar Davids and Ronaldo (Brazil) and a possible third one

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Q: Who has played for five clubs that have won the European cup?
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Which players have played for five different clubs that have won the European cup?

Clarence seedorf played for ajax, inter milan, ac milan and real Madrid who all have won the European cup/champions leagueand he has played for holland who have won the international European cup. so technicly he has played for 5 European cup winning teams :)

Can you name three players who've played at five clubs who have won the European Cup.?

Ronaldo the fat one,Edgar Davids and may be Kluivert

Name of a scotsman who has played for 3 European cup winning clubs?

paul lambert

Have any forest players played for other European cup winning clubs?


Name three players who have played for five different clubs which have won the European Cup?

Edgard Davids is one (Ajax, Milan, Juventus, Barcelona, Inter)

Name a player who has won the European cup uefa cup super cup and has played for 5 English clubs?

Emlyn Hughes

Which footballer has played for three English clubs who have won the European cup but never won the cup himself?

Stan Collymore has played for Notthingham Forest, Aston Villa and Liverpool. He never won the European Cup himself.

Who has played for 5 football clubs who have wone the European cup?

Ronaldo de lIMA, EDGAR DAVIDS,

Which 5 players have played for 4 clubs that have won the European cup but have never won it themselves?

Nikolas Anelka?

What Liverpool players have played for three different clubs and won the European cup at some stage?

It is Glen Sytnk.

Who have won European cup for different clubs?

alex graham

Who played for 3 different clubs to win the European cup?

Clarence Seedorf, who won it with Ajax, Real Madrid and Milan.

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