Who has played for Madrid and man utd?

Updated: 8/18/2019
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Q: Who has played for Madrid and man utd?
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Who has played for man utd real Madrid?

cristiano ronaldo

Which 6 players have played for Barcelona or Real Madrid and have played for 2 of Chelsea Liverpool Arsenal and Man Utd?

Jermaine Beckford

What English footballer has played for three clubs in the Champions League?

David Beckham - Man Utd, Real Madrid and Milan.

Which player transfered from Preston to man utd to real Madrid?


Name 7 players who have played for 2 of the big 4 and a spanish team?

Owen man utd Liverpool - r Madrid

How many teams has david beckam played for?

He has played for ac milan, la galaxy, man utd, real Madrid he also had loan spells at QPR

Has Cristiano Ronaldo left Man utd and went to Real Madrid?


Who is the most successful club after man utd and Liverpool?

Chelsea or real Madrid

What players have played for 2 or more of arsenal Chelsea man utd or Liverpool and also played for either real Madrid or Barcelona?

Nicolas Anelka, Michael Owen

What is the most popular football team in the world?

barcalona, real madrid and man utd

David beckam joined which spanish soccer side from man utd?

Real Madrid

Who scored for Liverpool against utd and utd against Liverpool won trophies in Spain Italy and Scotland played for London club but not country?

Nicholas Anelka. Scored for Liverpool against Man Utd, Scored for Man Utd against Liverpool (own goal for Liverpool). Won premiership with Arsenal. Won champions league with Real Madrid at Hampden Park. Has he played for France though? he's clearly played for France and was born there