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Nick Barmby Peter Beardsley Able Xavier Don Hutchison Gary Ablet Im sure there are plenty more, but none that I know off........

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Steve Finnan, Danny Murphy, Peter Beardsley

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Hammann Played for both Liverpool and Im not sure about West Ham but Im pretty sure.

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Q: Who has played for Liverpool and fulham?
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What channel is Liverpool v fulham on?


Who is manager of Fulham football club?

The current manager of F.C Fulham is Roy Hodgson.

Did Stan collymore play for fulham?

no only Liverpool , notts forest , Aston villa

What football teams have played in the premier league?

aresenal bolton blackburn birmingham aston villa liverpool wigan west ham west brom fulham everton manchester city newcastle stoke reading liverpool leicster

What clubs did Kevin keegan play for?

He played for Scunthorpe, Liverpool, Hamburg, Southampton, and Newcastle United. He coached Newcastle United , Fulham, and England . and He coached man city too

Who will replace rafeal benitez at Liverpool?

Roy Hodgson took over from Rafael Benitez, he was at Fulham earlier.

Why has Liverpool v Fulham been switched to 12.45pm?

The Carling Cup interfered with the Premier league's schedule.

Who did Dimitar Berbatov play for in 2013?

he played for Fulham in 2013 and he is a forward and he was Fulham's best player in 2013!

When did Manchester united last win the premier league?

It was in 2008.

Who plays in first premier league game 2009 2010?

the first premier league gme in 2009-2010 is fulham -liverpool

Who has Peter Beardsley played for?

Peter Beardsley has played for Carlisle, Manchester United, Vancouver White Caps, Newcastle United, Liverpool, Everton, Bolton Wanderers, Manchester City, Fulham, Hartlepool, Doncaster Rovers and Melbourne Knights. Beardsley has also played at international level for England .

Who has played for the most Premiership clubs?

Anelka ARSENAL, LIVERPOOL, MANCHESTER CITY, BOLTON and now he might join Chelsea so... Probably Andy Cole - he played for Arsenal, Newcastle, Manchester United, Fulham, Manchester City, Portsmouth and now for Sunderland - 7 out of the 20 teams