Who has never been drafted from raw?

Updated: 8/17/2019
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Q: Who has never been drafted from raw?
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Who got drafted at the WWE 2011 Draft?

Televised Draft Ryan Clayborn drafted to Raw! John Cena drafted to SmackDown! Rey Mysterio drafted to RAW Randy Orton drafted to SmackDown! Mark Henry drafted to SmackDown! Sin Cara drafted to SmackDown! Big Show drafted to RAW Alberto Del Rio drafted to RAW John Cena drafted to RAW After Show Draft Daniel Bryan drafted to SmackDown! Jack Swagger drafted to RAW The Great Khali drafted to SmackDown! Jimmy Uso drafted to SmackDown! Kelly Kelly drafted to RAW JTG drafted to RAW Alicia Fox drafted SmackDown! William Regal drafted to SmackDown! Yoshi Tatsu drafted to SmackDown! Drew McIntyre drafted to RAW Natayla drafted to SmackDown! Curt Hawkins drafted to RAW Chris Masters drafted to RAW Jey Uso drafted to SmackDown! Kofi Kingston drafted to RAW Ted DiBiase drafted to SmackDown! Tyson Kidd drafted to SmackDown! Tamina drafted to SmackDown! Tyler Reks drafted to RAW Alex Riley drafted to SmackDown! Beth Phoenix drafted to RAW ! King Sheamus drafted to SmackDown! Johnathan Danti drafted to Raw ! Chris clayborn drafted to Raw! RAW Draft Picks: 13 SmackDown! Draft Picks: 17 Total Drafts: 30

What year did David Beckham get drafted?

He has never been drafted

Who in the NFL did not get drafted?

Many players have never been drafted.

Who will get drafted at the WWE draft 2010?

THIS IS LEAKED INFORMATION THAT I FOUND ON WWE UNIVERSE, THIS IS 100% REALOfficial Theme - "How Long"- HinderRAW DRAFT PICKSEdge - Drafted from SmackdownCM Punk - Drafted from SmackdownSerena - Drafted from SmackdownMichelle McCool - Drafted from SmackdownUndertaker - Drafted from SmackdownChris Jericho - Drafted from SmackdownSMACKDOWN DRAFT PICKSKelly Kelly - Drafted from RawTed DiBiase - Dradted from RawSheamus - Drafted from RawThe Miz - Drafted from RawMaryse - Drafted from RawSUPPLEMENTAL DRAFT PICKSCarlito - Drafted from Raw to SmackdownEvan Bourne - Drafted from Raw to SmackdownBrie Bella - Drafted from Raw to SmackdownLuke Gallows - Drafted from Raw to SmackdownJohn Morrison - Drafted from Smackdown to RawLayla - Drafted from Smackdown to RawMickie James - Drafted from Smackdown to RawMVP - Drafted from Raw to SmackdownR-Truth - Drafted from Smackdown to RawBig Show - Drafted from Smackdown to RawPrimo - Drafted from Raw to SmackdownVickie Guerrero - Drafted from Smackdown to RawChris Masters - Drafted from Raw to SmackdownNatalya - Drafted from Smackdown to RawKane - Drafted from Smackdown to Raw

Who will be drafted in WWE 2011?

Rey Mysterio was drafted into raw, Big Show was drafted into Raw, John Cena was drafted into Smackdown, and Mark Henry was drafted into Smackdown

Is raw better than smackdown?

Rey mystrio been drafted to raw so there for raw is better

Is Jeff hardy going in raw?

No,jeff hardy is not going to go to raw in 2009.he has been drafted to smackdown for the year 2009.

What show was john cena on in 2008?

John Cena was on Raw and he has been on Raw since being drafted from Smackdown in the summer of 2005.

Has Shawn Michaels been released from raw?

yes he got drafted to smckdown a long time ago

Was Wayne Gretzky drafted?

he was never drafted

Will rey mysterio come to the raw 2009 tour of Australia?

no he has been drafted to smackdown in the 2009 wwe draf

Who is the secret gm for raw?

John cena John Cena has never been the GM for RAw