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Greg Monroe

No, not close. Monroe is a rookie who is doing ok. He has 7 double-doubles so far in 2010-11 season. Kevin Garnett had 71 double-doubles in 2003-04 season. Hakeem Olajuwon had 72 in 1992-93.

Because double-doubles are ubiquitous these days, this record does not seem to get attention unless its in a streak like Kevin Love getting his 38th consecutive double-double on 2-8-11. Moses Malone had 44 in a row during the 1982-83 season. John Stockton had a 37-game streak of double-doubles in 1989.

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Q: Who has most double doubles in a season?
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Most Double Doubles in a season?

Kevin Garnett with 71 2003-2004 season.

How many double doubles does lebron have this season?


Most double doubles in an NBA season?

Probably wilt chamberlin in the ABA, In the nba its Kevin Garnett With 71

Single season most doubles?

Earl Webb holds the record for most doubles hit in a single season with 67, set in 1931.

How many double doubles does lebron have?

29 in the regular season and 7 in the playoffs

Most doubles in major league baseball by a current player?

The most doubles in a season by a current player was Lance Berkman of the Houston Astros in 2001 when he had 55 doubles in the season however the most doubles in a game by a current player was Johnny Damon when he played for the Kansas City Royals when he had 4 doubles in a game in July of 2000.

Who has the most double doubles in ncaa career?

Tim Duncan

How long has the record for most doubles in a season held?

The MLB record for doubles in a season is 67 and is held by Earl Webb of the Boston Red Sox in the 1931 season. This being 2008, that record is entering it's 77th season.

Most doubles in one baseball game by a double A team?

Milwaukee brewers, in 2008 with 204,385,745,358,943,073,506,063,764,645,676,438,574,369 doubles,

What nba player has the most double doubles in the playoffs?

Tim duncan