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in Wimbledon finals both of them have won 4.

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Q: Who has more wins between venus or Serena Williams?
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Between Serena and Venus Williams who is slimmer?

Obviously Venus. Serena has bigger boobs and more muscles.

Who is younger Serena or Venus Williams?

Serena is a year younger. See 'related links' for more information.

How many more tennis games has Venus Williams won against Serena Williams?

Serena leads the head to head 8-7 currently.

How did Venus and Serena Williams get important?

Both Serena and Venus got important by learning how to play tennis from there dad. They got more exposed to the world that way

Who are some famous tennis players?

Serena Williams, Venus Williams, Andy Rodick, Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer, Andre Agassi and many more

How many competitions has Serena Williams won with her sister?

Serena Williams has currently won 13 Grand Slam double titles with her sister, Venus Williams. They have both, however, won many more competitions on their own. Currently they are unbeaten in the Grand Slam finals.

Did Venus's beat Serena in tennis?

Well, they beat each other quite a lot.. But one isnt more dominant than another, but i think serena is a bit stronger and she has a little more of an advantage. But yea, venus has beaten serena.

Who has won more majors Venus or Serena?

Serena has 13 grand slam titles while Venus has only won 7 grand slam titles. This is only their singles records.

Is Venus Williams better than her sister Serena Williams?

the sisters both are the same because even though Venus started before Serena , Serena cough up.Rodger Federer -vs- Serena Williams cannot be measured simply by saying a male will beat a female in head-to-head competition - that is an idiot answer. The proper way to measure who is the better is to look at how each does in their sport (obviously), and the level of competition each has faced.1. Serena has more combined Grand Slam victories than Rodger (Serena 30, Rodger 17)2. Serena has faced more top-level champions (Seles,Pierce,Hingis, Davenport, Capperiti,Henin,Clisters,Sharapova) over her career than Rodger and has a winning record against all of them.3. Serena is still the most feared and dominant player in her sport; Rodger is not.4. Serena has mainly played part-time whereas Rodger has always played full-time with practically no injuries.5. Clearly Serena is better than Rodger (A\Steffi Graff is also better than Rodger)

Who is a female tennis player?

Maria Sharapova, Lindsey Davenport, Serena Williams, Venus Williams, Martina Hingis, Mary Pierce, Justine Henin, Amelie Mauresmo, Elena Dementieva,and Iva majoli. These are only a few female tennis players there are much much more.

Which female tennis players have won tennis grand slams?

Henin Sharapova Kuznetsova Graf Williams (Serena and Venus) Seles Clijsters Hingis Davenport are the more recent :) if you want to look at every winner, you can go to ;)

What achievements did Venus' Williams make?

Venus Williams Tennis Achievements by the famous tennis super player. Venus Williams at Pop Monk the portal of fame. Includes a Venus Williams biography, Venus Williams photos, famous quotes and more resources on the sexy American tennis player and the sister of tennis player Serena Williams. Achievements Australian Open F (2003), French Open F (2002), Wimbledon W (2000, 2001, 2005), U.S. Open W (2000, 2001). Williams has been Singles Finalist for 21 time and lost the game (1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005). Williams has been Singles Finalist 33 times and has won the game. Highest singles ranking was on February 25, 2005. Venus won her fifth Grand slam title and her third Wimbledon in July 2005.

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