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I the last ten years it is Manchester United who have won more trophies , Champion cup in 2005 was the only one in over ten years Liverpool has won.

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Q: Who has more trophies Liverpool or Manchester united in the last ten years?
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Who has more trophies Liverpool fc or Manchester united fc in the last 20 years?


How many trophies have Manchester United won in past 6 years?

12 trophies

Which is the most successful soccer team over the past twenty years Liverpool or Manchester united?

Manchester United (LIVERPOOL NEVER WON THE PREMIERSHIP) United dominated the premiership since it started.

Which premier league side has won the most trophies in the last seven years?

It is Manchester united.

Who has won more trophies in the past 10 years Chelsea or Manchester United?

The wonderful Manchester United have won more trophies (16) than Chelsea (12) in the last 10 years from 2002 to 2012. This includes Community Shields as well.

Who has won most things between Manchester united and Liverpool?

Liverpool have won more cups then Manchester United . But that was eighteen years ago. In the Ian Rush ere. The next eighteen years have seen Liverpool win only one champion League.

How long has Fergie been boss at Manchester united?

Sir Ferguson has been coach at Manchester United for 25 years , and in that time they won 23 trophies.

Did Eric cantona have a Liverpool tattoo?

Eric Cantona did not have a Liverpool tattoo. He played against Liverpool's longtime rival, Manchester United, for many years.

Who is better Liverpool FC or Manchester United FC?

For the past 20 years Manchester United have been the most dominant team in England, where as Liverpool have been a laughing stock. They have never won the Premier League.

How many club trophies has Ryan Giggs won with Manchester united?

Ryan Giggs has won a total of 31 trophies at Manchester United in 21 years. and he is the only player to score each year in the E.P.L. that he has played. ye ye bitch

Was Brian Kidd a youth player at Liverpool?

no he wasnt he joined Manchester united when he was 14 years old

What trophies have Liverpool won in the last twenty years?

Liverpool have failed to win any silverware.

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