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Liverpool obviously.

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Q: Who has more troepys chealsea or Liverpool?
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Is Fernando Torres a true Liverpool?

no, because he left liverpool for chealsea

Is chealsea beter than Liverpool?

Yes Chelsea are a better team then Liverpool.

How many times did Liverpool qualify for the champions league in premier league era?

Liverpool have qualified 20 more times than the scum of chealsea so it is 36

Top five champion teams in English football?

Arsenal, Liverpool,Manchester United, Chealsea,Everton

How does a soccer team get their flight?

For bigteams like Man United, Real Madrid, Barcelona, Chealsea, Liverpool, and Velencia they have their own planes.

How many euoropean cup have chealsea win?

more than you think

Why is chealsea staub called chealsea Kane?

Because shes married

Who is Chealsea Kane?

Chealsea Staub. She has turned 21 and she legally to change her last name into Kane. Her full name was Chealsea Kane Staub.

Is drogba on chealsea?

No,he left chealsea and went to Shanghai Shenhua that is a chinese team

Best supported football clubs in england?

Manchester United Fc, Chealsea Fc, Liverpool Fc, Arsenal Fc, Manchester City Fc , Everton, Tottenham Hotspur

Did Liverpool win yesterday against chealsea?

Liverpool won their first FA Cup beating Leeds United in final in 1965. Liverpool won 2-1 in extra time. It was the first time that a team begining with the letter 'L' won the cup!

Is it good that chealsea are banned from thransfers til 2011?

no man im a chealsea player f.maloda