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Dallas won five Super Bowl championships, while Washington has won three.

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Q: Who has more super bowl rings Dallas cowboys or Washington Redskins?
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What Syracuse university football player has the most super bowl rings?

WR Art Monk who won 3 with the Washington Redskins and RB Daryl Johnston who won 3 with the Dallas Cowboys.

How many rings did the Dallas Cowboys win?

If one means Super Bowl rings, the Dallas Cowboys are 5 Time World Champions.

Dallas Cowboys Superbowl Wins?

5 rings

Do the Washington Redskins have more Super Bowl rings than the Pittsburgh Steelers?

No. The Pittsburgh Steelers have six Super Bowl rings and the Washington Redskins have three.

What NFL coaches have both Super Bowl rings and National Championship rings?

Jimmy Johnson (Miami and Dallas Cowboys) and Barry Switzer (Oklahoma and Dallas Cowboys)

Where can fans fine replica Dallas Cowboys Super Bowl championship rings at?

Where can you get a Dallas cowboys Super Bowl ring replica

What NFL teams have 5 super bowl rings?

Dallas Cowboys

How many current Dallas Cowboys players have rings that they have won in a super bowl with the Dallas Cowboys?

None. Many of them were in grade school the last time the Cowboys won a Super Bowl.

What year did the Dallas Cowboys win their fifth Super Bowl rings?


How many Super Bowl rings does Deion Sanders have with the Dallas Cowboys?

One. He was a member of the 1995 Dallas Cowboys team that won Super Bowl XXX.

Which NFL players have two Super Bowl rings?

Many, many NFL players have two Super Bowls rings. Any teams who won back to back Super Bowls have players who have at least two rings. Many players from the San Francisco 49ers and Dallas Cowboys and Pittsburgh Steelers and Washington Redskins and New England Patriots have at least two rings if not more. The list of players with two rings would be a very long one.

Did the Dallas Cowboys win 5 Super Bowl rings?

As of Super Bowl XLVI, the Cowboys have won Super Bowls VI, XII, XXVII, XXVIII, and XXX.But no single member of the team has all 5 rings. These are awarded to players and staff, not to the team, and an individual may have rings from more than one team. The vast majority of the Dallas Cowboys personnel have no rings at all.

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