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i am pretty sure it is ASTON VILLAI AM PRETTY SURE IT IS ASTON VILLATotttenham, they also have the loudest fans in the premier leauge!
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Q: Who has more fans Tottenham or Aston Villa?
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Who has more fans Liverpool or Aston vila?

People will say liverpool, but i have no doubt villa do.

Do leeds have a bigger fan base than Aston villa?

During, the late 20th century and very early 21st century, Leeds United had a larger fan base than Aston Villa. Since Leeds United's decline, they have lost a small amount of fans, and due to the Aston Villa takeover, and Martin O'Neill, Aston Villa are starting to gain more fans, so the fan base is actually fairy equal at the minute, however if Leeds United stay in Legue One, the fans will get fed up and give up Leeds. Therefore, Aston Villa will have more fans

Who has biggest fan base Aston villa or man city?

Today it is Manchester City with all its money more fans as well as more stars are there.

Who has more fans Tottenham Hotspur or Chelsea?


Is Chelsea better than Aston Villa?

No! History wise no. Aston Villa have won more trophies over the years than Chelsea. Aston Villa have won the European cup before Chelsea, more top flight division trophies and League cups. However Chelsea have won the same amount of FA cups as Aston Villa but Chelsea have been in the final more times that Villa which means Villa were more consistent in the FA cup finals than Chelsea. Aston Villa are a bigger club than Chelsea. Today Chelsea have the better team over Villa, but you can say that Chelsea Buy their way through football, meaning they are a money club unlike Villa who are more traditional.

Who is more successful Everton or Aston Villa?

Aston Villa: 1 - European Cup 7 - League Titles 7 - FA Cups 5 - League Cups Everton: 9 - League Titles 5 - FA Cups So ASTON VILLA is the more successful!

Where can one find more information about Aston Villa blogs?

ESPNFC is a great website that one can use to find out more information about Aston Villa blogs. ESPN is a trusted website that always has the latest and greatest information out.

Does Aston Merrygold love his fans?

Yes. He love's his JLS'ters more and more every single day :)

Who was the Villa team for 1970 league cup final?

You probably mean Aston Villa. More information about the 1970 league cup final can be found in the link below.

How many kits have Aston Villa had since they became a club?

Please check out the ' Related Links ' for more information.

What football team ends with the same letter it starts with?

Plenty here, I'll start you with Aston Villa, Charlton Athletic, Liverpool and Northampton Town more San Diego Chargers oh burn it who the hell is Aston villa Then why did you post this question in ENGLISH football??

Stoke compared to Aston Villa who has won more?

Historically, Aston Villa have won far more than Stoke City. Taking just the two biggest competitions, Aston Villa have won the top league, now known as the Premier League, on 7 occasions. The have also won the FA Cup 7 times. Stoke City have never won any of those. Stoke have won lots of lesser competitions, like lower league and cup titles. Aston Villa won the European Cup in 1982, which would be now known as the Champions League, the most prestigious competition for soccer clubs in Europe.

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