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Q: Who has mor trophies Barcelona Football Club or realmadrid fc?
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Which spanish football club more bigger realmadrid or fc Barcelona?

Real Madrid is a bigger club.

How many trophies does barcelona football club have?


Barcelona Football Club and Manchester united who has more trophies?

Here Barcelona have won more trophies then Manchester United.

Who has won more trophies Manchester united or Barcelona Football Club?


Who is the most decorated british football CLUB?

ManU are currently the most decorated football club in English history with a total of 65. Liverpool are 2nd with 57 trophies as of today. In Italy, Juventus have 51 and AC have 50 trophies and in Spain Real have a total of 73 trophies, and Barcelona have 72.

What does cf mean from CF Barcelona?

reality is fc Barcelona and it means football club Barcelona or cf club of football of Barcelona

What is the name of Barcelona football club?

Fútbol Club Barcelona. (basically Barcelona)

How many football trophies has Real Madrid football club won?

107 trophies

Which football club has the largest football club?

fc Barcelona

What Spanish club has won the most European trophies?

Fc Barcelona

What is the full form of fcb?

Futbol Club Barcelona.

What does fc Barcelona stand for?

FC Barcelona stands for Futbol Club Barcelona