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Q: Who has made the most rugby union appearances for England?
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Who first made rugby league?

The Northern clubs of England were instrumental in breaking away from union and forming a Rugby League.

Which sporting trophy is made from melted down rupees?

The Calcutta Cup. England v Scotland rugby union

Why did they start rugby league?

The Australian people wanted to seprate from the England the their sport which is Union. The Aussies made League, and made it their own kind.

When did Carlos Spencer play for New Zealand?

Carlos Spencer made 35 international appearances for the New Zealand national rugby union team, scoring 291 points.

Who has made the most odi appearances for England?

Alec Stewart has made the most One Day International (ODI) appearances for England with 170

Where rugby made?

Rugby was initially created by William Web Ellis a student of Rugby School Warwickshire England in 1823.

Was William web Ellis working when he made rugby?

No he was a student at Rugby School in Warwickshire, England

What is the name of the British Rugby Union team?

The team is made up of England, Norther Ireland, Southern Ireland Scotland and Wales and is called "The British and Irish Lions"

What is the rugby union ball made out of?

unicorn leather and leprecorn beards

Who has made the most premiership appearances but never played for England?

Kevin Davies

Which england player has made the most appearances in the world cup?

I think it is Gerrard.

How many appearances did David Seaman make for England?

He made 75 in total.