Who has hosted the rugby World Cup?

Updated: 9/28/2023
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Uruguay, Italy, France, England, Germany, Argentina.

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Q: Who has hosted the rugby World Cup?
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Has Africa ever hosted the rugby world cup?

Yes South Africa hosted the Rugby world cup , that year they even won it.

Where was the the World Rugby Cup in 1995?

the rugby cup in 1995 was hosted by south africa. they also won the world cup

Has New Zealand ever hosted rugby world cup?

Yes, New Zealand dual hosted with Australia the first Rugby World Cup in 1987.

Which Commonwealth country hosted the Rugby World Cup in 2012?

The Rugby World Cup was not held in 2012. It was hosted in 2011 by New Zealand and by England in 2015

Have Canada ever hosted the rugby world cup?


Which country hosted the 2007 rugby union world cup?

France hosted the 2007 Rugby Union World Cup which was won by South Africa with England as the runners up

What Country hosted Rugby World Cup in 2007?


Which country was the last rugby world cup held?

France hosted the 2007 World cup

Which country will host the 2015 rugby world cup?

It will be hosted by England

What country hosted the rugby world cup in 2003?

australia newzealand

Who hosted the 1991 Rugby World Cup?

It was jointly hosted by England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland and France.

What country hosted rugby this year?

If you refer to the RWC (Rugby World Cup) Then the hosts were New Zealand