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Its Sachin Tendulkar with 45 ODI centuries.

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Q: Who has hit maximum number of centuries in ODI cricket?
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Who has the maximum number of 90s in ODI cricket?

sachin tendulkar

Who has been bowled the maximum number of times in ODI cricket?

Sachin Tendulkar. He has been bowled 65 times in ODI cricket.

Who has taken the maximum number of catches in ODI cricket?

Adam Gilchrist of Australia has taken the most number of catches in ODI's

Sachin tendulkars centuries in odi?

Sachin Tendulkar has scored 49 centuries in ODI. He is the first batsman to do so. He also holds the record of maximum number of centuries(100) in Tests+ODI.

Who has hit maximum number of fours in ODI cricket in 2009?

praveen kumar

Which player has scored maximum of ducks in odi cricket?

Srilankan Cricketer Jayasuriya has scored maximum (34) ducks in odi cricket..

How much ODI century of ponting in cricket?

Ricky Pointing have 30 centuries in ODI

How many centuries are made by Raina in Odi?

He has scored a total of 4 centuries in international cricket. 3 in ODI and 1 in test cricket. He does not have any T20 centuary.

Who has scored highest centuries in odi cricket?

Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar--46 centuries

Which cricketer bowled maximum number of times in odi cricet?

by far sachin has been bowled out the maximum number of timesin world cricket.As on 11th November 2010 sachin has been bowled out 65 times in odi cricket

Who played most number of matches in ODI cricket?

sachin Tendulkar has played most number of matches in ODI cricket

Which cricket ground has hosted maximum no of ODI?

The Sharjah C.A. Stadium