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Arsenal have 18 fulltime and 5 caretaker managers, so that would be 23 managers. Manchester United have had 19 managers.

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Q: Who has had more managers Manchester United or Arsenal?
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Who is more liked Arsenal or Manchester United?


Have arsenal beat Manchester united than they arsenal?

arsenal have beaten Manchester utd way more times

Who has won more trophies arsenal fFC or Manchester united FC?

Manchester United FC.

Who has more trophies arsenal or Liverpool?

Arsenal - 39 Honours Liverpool - 63 Honours Liverpool

Which English club has more trophies?

Tottenham were the first, in 1963. Then it was won by West Ham (1965), Man City (1970), Chelsea (1971 and 1998), Everton (1985), Man Utd (1991) and Arsenal (1994). The competition was of course disbanded in 1999.

Who is better man you or arsenal?

As far as history, Manchester United has more trophies than Arsenal, and are currently doing better in the Premier league.

How many times have arsenal taken the fa cub?

Arsenal have won the F.A cup ten times, only Manchester United have won it more, they have won it 11 times.

Which team has the most rivals in English football?

Manchester United. Teams that class Man uinted as their rivals are; Liverpool, Manchester City, Leeds United and Bolton Wanderers. Aswell as those teams, there a more teams that have a dislike for Manchester united; Arsenal, Everton, Wigan, Rochdale and Bury.