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Q: Who has had The best defence in the last 20 years in the NFL?
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Best NFL team in last 25 years?

pittsburgh steelers

What NFL team has best winning percentage last 5 years?


Who had best NFL record in last 20 years?

Green Bay Packers

What team is best defence in the nfl?

the Chicago bears because of all their interceptions

Which NFL quarterbacks have the best win loss record over the last 5 years?

joe flacco

Winningest team in the NFL in the last 10 years?


Who has the number one defence in 2009 NFL season?

Through week 13, the Bengals lead in scoring defence (15.6 points per game), but the Packers lead in total yardage defence (273.5 yards per game).Statistically, the Steelers have the best rushing defence so far, and the Jets have the best passing defence so far.Curiously, these are all AFC teams.

Who had the second best defense in the NFL last season?


How many NFL players have died in the last 10 years?


Who is the nfl's winningest coach in the last five years?

Mike Tomlin

Who lost the most games in last 10 years in NFL?


What NFL team has the most losses in the last ten years?


NFL team with most wins last 10 years?

New England Patriots

Which NFL team has the most wins in the last 20 years?

Green Bay Packers

What are the rankings for defence NFL 2011?

The top defense in the NFL is the Houston Texans. Last year, Houston was near the bottom in the NFL. With Demeco Ryans, JJ Watt, Brian Cushing, Connor Barwin, and Mario Williams all healthy, the Texans could finish the year on top.

Were the Pittsburgh Steelers the best team in the NFL?

yes, last season.

How long does the average football player play in the NFL?

An Average 3.5 years in the NFL Gridiron. Last recorded statistic in 2007.

How many years does franchise mode last in Madden NFL 07?


What conference has put the most players in the nfl in the last 10 years?


Most NFL wins in last 10 years?

new England patriots

What college has put most players in NFL in last 5 years?


What NFL teams have not made the playoffs the last 10 years?

Detroit Lions

Which NFL team has the most losses last 25 years?

Detroit Lions

What NFL team has the Most playoff wins last 10 years?


How many retired NFL players have died in last 3 years?