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carlos tevez

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Q: Who has gone directly from Manchester United to Manchester City?
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What team has tevez gone to?

Carlos Tevez moved from West Ham to Manchester United, and then Manchester United to his current football club, Manchester City ... Luv u 32

Manchester United FC rules?

Manchester united all the way bruv they rule lol Liverpool gone sooo crap no offence h8 u f***in arsenal

Is Cristiano Ronaldo leaving Manchester United?

yes, he has gone to real Madrid for 80 million

Has lescott gone to Manchester city?

Yes, he joined in August 2009 for a reported £22 million.

Who won the first Premier League title?

Manchester United won the first PL title in the 92/93 season. They have gone on too be crowned champions 11 more times since.I think it was Manchester United!

Who has played for real Madrid tottenham and Manchester United?

Beckham played for Tottenham Academy then went on to play for Manchester United then Real Madrid then LA Galaxy and was loaned to AC Milan he has now gone back to LA Galaxy

Who is the best player on the FIFA list of top 10 players?

This years F.I.F.A.s footballer of the year has gone to Christiano Ronaldo of Portugal and Manchester United.

How many premier league teams have not conceded a penalty at home this season?

Manchester United have gone without conceding a penalty (at home and away) for the entire season.

When was My City Was Gone created?

My City Was Gone was created on 1982-11-12.

When was The City Gone Wild created?

The City Gone Wild was created on 1927-11-12.

Which are the teams selected for the quarterfinals of the UEFA Champions League 2010?

Manchester United, Arsenal, Lyon, Inter Milan, C.S.K. Moscow, Bayern Munich have have all gone through Two games still remain.

Has Wayne Rooney gone to man city?

yes he has gone to man city for the weekend but don't worry

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