Who has coached the most NHL teams?

Updated: 12/11/2022
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Mike keenan

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Q: Who has coached the most NHL teams?
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Who coached the most women's basketball teams?

Brian Agler coached the most women basketball teams.

How manny NHL teams?

There are currently 30 teams in the NHL.

Is there 48 NHL teams?

No there are only 30 NHL teams.

What teams has the most championship titles in the NHL?

Montreal Canadiens

How many NHL teams were there in 2005?

In 2005, there were 30 NHL teams.

How many teams are their currently in the NHL?

There are 30 teams currently in the NHL.

How many teams does the NHL have?

The NHL is comprised of 30 teams - 24 in the United States and 6 in Canada.

Who has played for the most NHL team?

Mike Sillinger. 12 Teams

What nationality makes up most NHL hockey teams?


How many NHL hockey teams are there in Utah?

There are no NHL teams in Utah

Who coached the 1960 Toronto Maple Leaf NHL team?

Punch Imlach

Which nhl player played for the most of the original six teams?

Ron Stewart