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Brian Agler coached the most women Basketball teams.

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Q: Who coached the most women's basketball teams?
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Which womens NCAA college basketball teams have the most wins?


Which womens NCAA college basketball teams hve the most wins?


Who has coached the most NBA teams?

How many different NBA teams

Who has coached the most NHL teams?

Mike keenan

What team owns the most NCAA division 1 womens basketball titles?

The University of Tennessee's women's basketball team has the most Womens Division 1 NCAA National Titles.

Which team has the most wins in womens college basketball?


How many AAU basketball teams are there?

There are over thousands of AUU basketball teams displaced in all the states and most of the Cities.

What school has won the most NCAA womens basketball championships?


Who has the Most dunks in a womens college basketball game?

candace Parker

Which ncaa womens basketball team has the most championship wins?

University of Tennessee

What is the second and third most profitable NCAA sports?

womens college basketball

Who has won the most game in NCAA Division one basketball?

The coach that has won the most games in NCAA division 1 basketball is Pat Summit. Pat Summit is currently the head basketball coach for womens Tennessee Volunteers. She has a 1000+ wins and is currently a 5 seed in the womens march madness tournament.

Where is basketball played professionally?

Basketball is played in most countries professionally. The United States, most of Europe, China, Japan, and most other countries have professional basketball teams.

Divison1 teams with the most basketball champions?


States with the most colleges basketball teams?


What teams have led in most wins in basketball?


Most consecutive wins in NCAA womens basketball history?

UCONN - 76 and counting

How many basketball players are on the team?

Most basketball teams have at least 12 players on their team

What state has the most D-1 basketball teams?


Who has most wins in a row college basketball all time?

The current UConn womens team.

Why do girls do not play basketball?

Actually girls do play basketball. They have all girls teams at most schools and some girls even choose this as a career. It's just not as well known as all male basketball teams.

What state has the most college teams in the ncaa basketball tournament?

Texas had the most this year

Which basketball teams have the most NCAA tournament titles?

UCLA with 11.

Who has the most wins against top 25 basketball teams?


What basketball player has the most rings with different teams?

Saqule onel