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Honduras is a good team and so is Mexico but Honduras has beat Mexico more times

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Q: Who has better soccer players Honduras or Mexico?
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Is Honduras' soccer team better than Mexico's soccer team?

Mexico is better. Out of like 16 games Mexico played honduras, honduras has only won two times. PS I'm not Mexican, I'm Japanese. I just hate honduras and hondurans.

Where does Honduras' soccer team rank in the world?

The top 35. We have better players then Mexico and the U.S.A. We just don't use them at the right time.

Who is famous from Honduras?

Soccer players, for the most part, are very famous in Honduras. The most notable players are: Carlos Pavon, Carlo Costly and David Suazo.

Is Mexico going to be in the 2010 soccer world cup?

I think Mexico is out this time as Honduras has qualified.

Are Soccer players know better then AFL players?

Yes, Soccer players are better known internationally than AFL players.

Who are soccer players of Honduras?

you can find a full roster at

What is the the Mexico soccer players names?


How many soccer players in Mexico?


Country has most soccer players?

Mexico has the most soccer players in the world. A close second to them is Brazil, the UK and America.

Is Mexico's boxing better than Mexico's soccer?

Yes Mexico's Boxing Is better.

Is Argentina's soccer team better than Mexico's soccer team?

Yes, Argentina are better than Mexico. Argentina put Mexico out in the last World Cup.

What team is better in soccer Mexico or Peru?


Who is better on soccer Mexico vs Peru?


What is the name of the stadium soccer players play soccer in Mexico?

Estadio Azteca

How many professional athletes are there in Mexico?

including Soccer players?

Which soccer team is better el salvador or Honduras?

El Salvador :D Im from there

Are soccer players better athletes than basketball players?

it is an oponion

Where is soccer the most commonly played sport?

Soccer is commonly played in Europe and South America. Some countries are Mexico, Honduras, Spain, Brazil, Spain, and Italy.

Which are the best players in the football soccer history in Mexico?

Hugo sanchez

What are some famous soccer players from Honduras?

some famous footballers from Honduras are : Maynor figeuroa Wigna LB, Wilson Palacios Tothenham CM, Humberto Suazo, Inter milan ST

When did soccer become professional?

Originally all soccer players were amateur, but clubs wanted the better players, so they started paying.

Who is better at soccer Mexico or Argentina?


The best soccer team in Mexico?

The best soccer team in Mexico is Chivas DE Guadalajara with more championships won than any other team in Mexico. It also has 100% Mexican players.

Is the US better at soccer then Mexico?

Both teams have their own strengths and weaknesses. Without oversimplifying: The US team has better team integration and physical condition. The Mexican team has better "technique" when "moving the ball" and individual players have more experience, as some Mexican players play at the European League. That is the reason the US wins sometimes and Mexico wins some other times. But Mexico is better

Whos better Mexico or US at soccer?

Mexico of course usa sucks