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The Yankees have more players going to the Hall of Fame.

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Q: Who has better players the Yankees or the Red Sox?
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Red Sox are better than Yankees?

No way. The Yankees are leaps and bounds better than the Red Sox. Not only do the Yankees have twenty more World Series wins but they, unlike the Red Sox, consist of talented, classy players.

Are Yankees or Red Sox better?


Why are the Yankees better than the Red Sox?

The Yankees are better than the Red Sox because they're winners and the Red Sox are losers.

Why are the Red Sox better then the Yankees?

They aren't The Yankees have more championship titles as they have 27. Red Sox have only 7

How many world searies has the Red Sox played in?

The red sox rock They are better Than the Yankees They were in 100

Who is a better team New York Yankees or Boston Red Sox?

New York Yankees!!

R the Red Sox better then the Yankees?

No, no way, the Yankees have twenty-seven World Series wins and players like Derek Jeter and Alex Rodriguez are making it to the Hall of Fame.

Who is better Boston Red Sox vs New York Yankees?

Yankees because they won more World Series Championships. Yankees have 27 Red sox only have won 7.

Which baseball team is better in your opinion - Yankees or Red Sox?

It's definitley the New York Yankees.

Since the year 2000 what is the redsox vs yankkes record?

In a year by year breakdown, 2009 Red Sox 8 Yankees 0; 2008 Tie at 9 wins each; 2007 Red Sox 8 Yankees 10; 2006 Red Sox 8 Yankees 11, 2005 Red Sox 9 Yankees 11; 2004 Red Sox 11 Yankees 8; 2003 Red Sox 9 Yankees 10; 2002 Red Sox 9 Yankees 10; 2001 Red Sox 5 Yankees 13; 2000 Red Sox 6 Yankees 7.

Who is the better baseball team the New York Yankees or the Boston Red Sox?

Even though the Yankees have more World Series championships, the Red Sox 100 years ago were the best team in Major League baseball. But then the Yankees came with more money than them to get the best players, but today the best team in Major League baseball are the Boston Red Sox. This answer will always change, due to the standings and people having their own opinion. But as of right now, the Yankees are the better team.

New Haven fanbase Yankees or Red Sox?

80% Yankees and 20% Red Sox

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