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It's definitley the New York Yankees.

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โˆ™ 2011-09-02 05:09:01
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Q: Which baseball team is better in your opinion - Yankees or Red Sox?
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Who- in your opinion- is the best Major League Baseball team?

The New York Yankees

Who is the better baseball team the New York Yankees or the Boston Red Sox?

Even though the Yankees have more World Series championships, the Red Sox 100 years ago were the best team in Major League baseball. But then the Yankees came with more money than them to get the best players, but today the best team in Major League baseball are the Boston Red Sox. This answer will always change, due to the standings and people having their own opinion. But as of right now, the Yankees are the better team.

Are the Mets better than the Yankees?

No the Yankees have more money to spend and are a better team. The Yankees have beaten the Mets in the World Series, the subway series. The Yankees are probably the best team in baseball, because they have the most money to spend hiring great players.

Who is better d-backs or Yankees?

Yankees. Better team, better league, better division, better record.

What is the most beloved baseball team?

The Yankees, of course. Yankees

Who was the second baseball team?


Which team is better the Atlanta Braves or the New York Yankees?

As of this date, the Yankees have a better record.

What team has scored the most runs in baseball history?

Yankees Yankees

What is the Richest Baseball team in Major League Baseball?


What is the most popular team in baseball?


What is the best baseball team ever?

Giants, they have the most wins ever

Who are the newyork Yankees?

a awesome baseball team

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