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Q: Who has been the captain for the longest period of time.Other than Steve Yzerman?
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Which planet has the longest rotation period?

Pluto has the longest REVOLUTION period Venus has the longest ROTATION period

What is the longest period?

Paleozoic Period

Periodic table which period is the longest?

The longest period is the sixth period, which contains thirty-two elements total.

The longest period of darkness in July is in what zone?

the longest period of darkness in July is in the what zone?

What is the longest period in the periodic table?

The longest period in the periodic table is the sixth period, which includes elements from atomic number 57 (lanthanum) to atomic number 71 (lutetium).

Was Jurassic the longet period of time?

The Cretaceous Period was the longest period of time.

Which orbit in Keplers law would have the longest period?

An orbit with a large semimajor axis will have the longest period according to Kepler's third law. This means that an orbit with the greatest average distance from the central body will have the longest period.

Which planets have the longest and shortest period of rotation?

''Mercury (shortest),''Neptune (longest)

The longest time period is?

an eon

Why six period is called longest period?

The sixth period is currently known as the longest period because it has the most number of elements in it if you include the inter transition metals which are normally found in 2 columns at the bottom of a periodic table.

What is the bacteria which has the longest incubation period in intestinal infection?

Parasitic infections have the longest incubation period in an intestinal infection. One in particular such as the Giardia infection has an incubation period of one to as many as four weeks.

Animal gestation periods-What are the shortest and the longest and lengths?

The shortest known gestation period is the Virginian opossum, which is 12 days. The longest period belongs to the Indian elephant, which has a gestation period of 22 months.