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Kenny Dalglish (102)

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Q: Who had the most football caps for Scotland?
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Most Scotland football caps and still playing?


Who is Scotland's most capped football player?

Kenny Dalglish is Scotland's most capped footballer with 102 caps.

Who is the Player with the most Scotland caps?

Kenny Dalglish with 102 caps.

Who has the most caps in football history?


Who has most northern Ireland football caps?

Pat Jennings with 119 caps

Most popular sport in Scotland?

most popular sport in scotland Answer Football.

Who won the most international caps for Scotland?

Kenny Dalglish with 102 appearances.

What sport gives in Scotland?

Football (soccer) is the most played sport in Scotland.

Who has won the most football caps for spain?

Casillas I think

Who has won the most consecutive international caps in football?

Kevin Kilbane, 62 consequtive caps for Ireland?

Who has the most dedicated football fans?

Poland and Scotland.

What is the most popular sport in Scotland?

football (soccer)

Who has the most scottish caps in football?

Calum MacDonald has a total of 122

Most intenational football caps for men?

Claudio Suarez i think is 144.

Who has won the most international football caps for Wales?

For wales it has to be Ryan giggs.

Which football team has won the most trophies in Scotland and England?

Scotland : rangers England : Liverpool Scotland : rangers England : Liverpool

Who has won the most international soccer caps for Scotland?

England or Chelsea or Liverpool I think it is Kenny Dalglish.

What are the 3 most popular sports in Scotland?

Badminton, Curling and Football

Who is the welsh football player with the most international caps?

The most caped Welsh Footballer is Ryan Giggs.

Who is the british football player with the most international caps?

Peter Shilton has the most caps for England (125 or 126) although I suspect it may be an Irish player. Definately Peter Shilton 126 caps for England

Biggest football team in Scotland?

well the most well known teams in Scotland are arguably Celtic and Rangers. They are most successful anyways

What sport is the most played in Scotland?

Scotland's national sport is Football. Which is played widely on both at a professional and amateur level.

Who is the most capped international football player who has played football in the English premier league?

For England it is Peter Shilton with 126 caps.

What is rangers football club?

Rangers football club is one of the Glasgow teams in Scotland. and the are the word most succmal

Who has been capped the most times for the England football team?

Peter Shilton with 146 caps.