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Steve Young has the best career passer rating.

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Q: Who had the Best pass completion record in NFL?
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Who has the best completion record in the NFL?

Drew Brees broke the completion record and set a record of 72% recently the 2011-2012 season! :) Saints Fan! :D

What is the pass completion average per game in the NFL?


What NFL quarterback holds the record for longest completion to himself?


How many yards was the longest NFL pass completion?

100 yards

Who holds the record for the longest pass in the NFL?

Peyton Manning

What nfl quarterback set a new record for completion percentage in a season?

Tom brady

What is the NFL record for the longest pass?

8,000 ft

Who is the best wide out in the NFL?

Brandon Marshall is the best wide out in the nfl. He can turn a really bad pass into a huge gain. He also broke the record of Terrel Owens(21) in a 28-16 road loss to the Indianapolis Colts.

Has a NFL quarterback ever thrown a pass to himselve?

Yes. Brett Farve's first career completion was a pass to himself for a net of -7 yards.

Who was the first player in the NFL to throw a forward pass?

1906 The forward pass was legalized. The first authenticated pass completion in a pro game came on October 27, when George (Peggy)

Who was on the receiving end of Brett Favre's first NFL completion?

Brett Favre's 1st NFL pass was deflected & he caught it himself for a loss of 7 yards.

What is the NFL rookie single game pass attempts record?

Bruce lee

Best record for the 2000 season in the NFL?

the Tennessee titans had a record of 13-3 the best that season

Who was Brett Favre's first completion to?

Brett Favres' 1st completed pass in the NFL was to himself (on a deflection) for a loss of 7 yards

What NFL team has the best franchise record?

the bears have the best franchise record of 321-298 (.57), the 2nd best is the Patriots

What nfl team has the best record in 2010?

the new england patriots had the best record in 2010 (14-2)

Who holds the NFL record for career pass receptions?

Jerry Rice with 1,519 receptions.

How many NFL records does Brett Favre have?

Most career passing yards-71,838 (NFL record) Most career tds-508 (NFL record) Tied for longest pass(record held by many player) 99 yard pass (NFL record) Most career interceptions 336 (NFL record) Most NFL MVP awards (tied with Peyton Manning) 3 (NFL Record) Most career attempts 10,065 (NFL Record) Most career completions 6,300 (NFL Record) Most seasons, 3,000 or more yards passing 17 (NFL Record) Most career wins 186 (NFL Record) Most consecutive starts 269 (NFL Record) Most Career starts 297 (321 including play-offs) (NFL Record) Most time sacked, career: 525 Total NFL records held:11 These are only NFL records not including Packer Team records. Brett Favre holds no NCAA records.

Who has the best quarterback record in the NFL?

joe Montana

Which NFL team had the best record in 2008?


Which teams in the NFL have the best record in 2011?

The Saints.

Who holds the record for the most catches in a game?

The NFL record for pass receptions in a game is 21 by Brandon Marshall of the Miami Dolphins.

What QB has the best single-season completion percentage?

Drew Brees - New Orleans 2008-2009 season 5069 yards Dan Marino - Dolphins 1984 5084 yards ---- Through the 2008 season, Ken Anderson of the 1982 Cincinnati Bengals has the best NFL single season pass completion percentage at 70.6 (218 completions in 309 attempts).

Longest td pass completion?

The longest TD completion in the NFL is 99 yards. Technically, it can't be any more than that. But two QBs have thrown that long, the Vikings did it just a couple of weeks ago.

Packers best record?

The Packers' best NFL regular season record was in the 2011 season, when they went 15-1.