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Q: Who had record for pass completion percentage before Phil Simms in Super Bowl?
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In Super Bowl xxi Phil simms set a record for best pass completion percentage with at least 25 attempts what was that percentage?


What was Phil simms pass completion percentage in Super Bowl XXI?

88%. Simms completed 22 of 25 passes for 268 yards and 3 TDs.

Who held highest pass completion rate in super bowl before Phil simms?

Well, I'll give 2 answers ... Phil Simms set a Super Bowl record with an 88 completion percentage, 22 completions in 25 attempts, in Super Bowl XXI against the Denver Broncos. The highest completion percentage prior to Simms was 85.7 percent by Bob Griese in Super Bowl VIII against the Minnesota Vikings. However, Griese only attempted 7 passes in the game and completed 6. For QBs that attempted at least 20 passes, the highest completion percentage was 73.5 percentage by Ken Anderson of the Cincinnati Bengals in Super Bowl XVI against the San Francisco 49ers. He completed 25 passes in 34 attempts.

Whose record for completion percentage in a super bowl did Phil Simms break in 1987?

Phil Simms 150.9 QB rating in Super Bowl XXI against the Denver Broncos beat the old record of 145.0 set by Jim Plunkett of the Oakland Raiders in Super Bowl XV against the Philadelphia Eagles.

Super Bowl 1987?

New York Giants 39, Denver Broncos 20. Phil Simms throws for 268 yards and 3 touchdowns. He established the super bowl record for highest completion percentage of 88% en route to becoming MVP of the game.

What quarterback had a ridiculously high 88 percent completion percentage in a Super Bowl game?

Phil Simms of the New York Giants in Super Bowl XXI (22 completions in 25 pass attempts).

Who was quarterback before Phil simms?


What quarterback had the highest completion percentage in a Super Bowl game?

Phil Simms, N.Y. Giants vs. Denver, Super Bowl XXI, who went 22 of 25 including 10 in a row in the second half. He passed for 268 yards and three touchdowns.

What are Juliet Simms' parents names?

Natalie Simms & Jeff Simms :)

Was Kenny Anderson a good quarterback for the Bengals?

In 2008, NFL Network selected Anderson as #10 on their list of top 10 players who have not yet made it into the hall of fame At the time of Anderson's retirement following the 1986 season, he held NFL records for consecutive pass completions (20), completion percentage for a single game (20 of 22, 90.9%, vs. Pittsburgh in 1974) and completion percentage for a season (70.6% in 1982), as well as the Super Bowl records for completion percentage (73.5%) (since broken by Phil Simms) and completions (25; Tom Brady and Drew Brees each hold the current record with 32). Furthermore, Anderson was ranked 6th all-time for passing yards in a career at the time of his retirement. Anderson's record for completion percentage in a season stood for 27 years after his retirement (broken by Drew Brees in 2009). As of 2005, he is among the top 30 all-time leaders in pass attempts (24th), completions (18th), passing yards (21st) and passing touchdowns (28th). He led the NFL in passing yards and completions twice and led the league in fewest interceptions per pass attempt 3 times.

Who is the leading passer in the Super Bowl?

For QBs that played more than one game, that would have to be Joe Montana of the San Francisco 49ers. In his four Super Bowls (XVI, XIX, XXIII, XXIV) he completed 83 passes in 122 attempts for a completion percentage of 68 percent, 1142 yards, 11 TDs, 0 INTs, and a rating of 127.8. The best game played by a QB would be Phil Simms of the New York Giants in Super Bowl XXI. He completed 22 of 25 passes for a completion percentage of 88 percent, 268 yards, 3 TDs, 0 INTs, and a rating of 150.9. This was the only Super Bowl Simms played in.

What are the names of phil simms' grandchildren?

Charlotte Elizabeth Simms Sienna Rose Simms

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