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Ac Milan has 18 international trophies, while Boca Juniors has 17

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52 by know. more than river plate!

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i think they have one fifty titles

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Q: Who got the more trophies boca juniors or ac Milan?
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Football club with highest trophy in premiership?

The football team with the most trophies was Glasgow Rangers with 115 trophies, but now it is Al-Ahly from Egypt with 127 trophies, it is also officially the team in the third position (equally with Independiente) in the world ranking for official international club titles, with 16 championships, after Boca Juniors and Milan who both have 18 championships.

Who has won more trophies juventus or ac Milan?

It should be a.c. Milan is better as they have won more Champion league cups.

Who is better ac Milan or Arsenal?

In my opinion, Ac milan is better because they have more experienced players and they have won more leagues and trophies than Arsenal.

How many tournament has Boca Juniors won?

by know 52. more then chiken river plate! por ahora 52. mas que las gallinas de river plate!

Does lord and Taylor have a juniors section?

yes its more younger clothes but its not dedicated to only juniors

What is the greatest soccer club in Italy?

A.C Milan is by far the greatest soccer club Italy has ever seen. A.C Milan is the world's most successful club, winning more trophies than any other club, including the UEFA Champions League on several occasions.

Who has more trophies Chelsea fc or fc Barcelona?

Barcelona have more trophies then Chelsea by miles.

What is Boca Chica ZIP code?

For your question to be answered you need to give more details of this name. Are you talking about Boca Chica, Texas? or Boca Chica in Panama?

Who has more trophies arsenal or Liverpool?

Arsenal - 39 Honours Liverpool - 63 Honours Liverpool

Who has won more trophies Liverpool or Barcelona?

Barcelona have always won more trophies then Liverpool any day.

Barcelona Football Club and Manchester united who has more trophies?

Here Barcelona have won more trophies then Manchester United.

Who is better AC Milan or Juventus?

juventus and ac milan are to good but ac milan won's more championshipsac milan won less championships in ItalyI think that Milan has won more championships and so has more experience...