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A right handed batter would get to first base first because a left handed batter has to take extra time turning around to start running.

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Q: Who gets to first base first - left or right handed batter?
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How does a first or third base umpire call a strike?

usually they will only call a strike if the batter checks his swing. since the umpire behind the plate cant see how far his swing goes, he will ask the first or third base umpire depending if he is a right handed batter or a left handed batter.

Who is it easier to steal first base from left or right handed pitcher?

You can't steal first base. It's easier to steal second base off of a right handed pitcher because the right handed pitcher has his back to the runner on first, and therefore has a harder time trying to pick the runner off.

Who was the fastest left handed batter to reach first base?

Ty Cobb, Detroit Tigers

What are the advantages of being a left-handed baseball player?

Generally speaking, lefties have a batting advantage against right handed pitchers, and of course, there are more right handed pitchers than lefties. Also, left handed batters are closer to first base and have a slight time advantage in reaching first base after a hit. Left handed pitchers have an advantage in being able to watch a first base runner attempting to steal second.

Who takes the throw at second base on a double steal?

it would be the same as a regular steal. if a left handed batter is up then the shortstop would take the throw, if a right handed batter is up then the second baseman would get the throw

Which is the first base the batter should run to?

First base. The one to the right of home plate

How much time does it take to get to first base on average?

A right-handed hitter can get from home to first base in 4.3 seconds. The average time is 0.1s less for left-handed hitters, because they start closer to first base.

Why are there no left-handed throwing catchers in baseball?

A left-handed throwing catcher would have a harder time throwing runners out at third, since it's easier to throw across your body, a right hander to his left, and a left hander to his right. This is the same reason that there are no left handed second basemen, shortstops, or third basemen, since their most common throw (to first base) is to their left. A left handed catcher would have an easier throw trying to pick a runner off first. Also, since most batters hit right handed, a left handed catcher would more commonly find the batter slightly in his way as he tried to throw down to second.

A hit that gets the batter to first base safely?

A hit

If a batter overruns first base after a walk can he be tagged out?

If they turns left after crossing first base they can be tagged out, but if he turns right there is no intent to go to second and they cannot.

If a batter steps on home plate after hitting a ball is he out?

In Major League Baseball, there is no rule prohibiting a batter from stepping on home plate after he hits the ball. Often, a right handed batter will step on home plate on his way to 1st base after hitting the ball, especially when he bunts.

Why does the batted baseball always tend to go to right field?

If they are a Right handed hitter then they are probably not a pull hitter. If They are a left handed hitter then they are a pull hitter. A right handed hitter swinging late on a pitch would also go towards the first base side (right field). Some right handers hitters naturally hit to the opposite field.

If a batter on a dropped third strike runs to first base and over runs the base can he be tagged out before returning to the base?

No. One rule without exception is the right for the batter-runner to overrun first base without jeopardy of being tagged out unless an attempt is made to go to second.

In fast pitch games which players must wear helmets?

the catcher and the batter In addition all base runners on deck batter and any player coaching first or third base.

Who covers second base on a steal from first?

It depends, in little league, the shortstop is the rule. Usually, the shortstop will cover for a left handed hitter, and the second baseman will cover for a right handed hitter.

What infield position should your best athlete play in softball?

Right handed: short stop Left handed: if she pitches then obviously put at pitcher if not a pitcher then first base

Can a batter that has been walked take off to second?

When a batter is walked, they can only go to first base at first. Once they are on first base and the next batter is up to bat, they can steal, or advance on a base hit.

What is the hit that gets the batter to first base safely?

What the name of the hit that gets the batter to first base safely

Where is the fist plate?

The first base is on a diagonal line from the right side of the batter's box. In Major League Baseball, the distance from home plate to first base is 90 feet.

How many ways can a batter reach first base in softball?

A batter can get a hit.A batter can walk.A batter can get hit by a pitch.A batter can run out a drop third strike and make it safely.A batter can reach first base on an error.A batter can reach first base because of a fielder's choice to make a play elsewhere.

Is there a force out at 1st base in a softball?

every out at first base that occurs after a batter has hit the ball is a force out since the batter is required to advance to first base.

What side do guys were wristband?

It really depends on if they're left or right handed since I'm right handed i prefer my wristbands, bracelets and what not on my right hand and it seems most my friends do the same (most of them are right handed). My brother is left handed and he wears his on his left hand so that's what i base my answer off of.

The ball hits the ground then hits batter does the batter get first base?

The batter does not get first base. They only get first when it hits them directly. WRONG! Rule 2.0 states that a ball which hits the ground first then hits the batter is ruled a hit batsman, and he is awarded 1st base.

Does the batter get to advance to first base if the ball hits the ground and then the batter?

Yes, as long as the batter makes an attempt to get out of the way of the pitch they are awarded first base on a pitched ball that touches the ground and then the batter.

Man at first ground ball first baseman tags first runner does not advance to second stays on first is this a double play?

If the runner remains standing on the bag when the 1st baseman touches the bag and the 1st baseman does not tag the runner prior to touching the bag, then the runner is safe and you have no double play. Answer To clarify, once the Batter becomes a batter-runner, the runner at first loses his right to occupy first base and is forced to advance. If he is tagged while standing on the base, he is out. If the first baseman then steps on first base the Batter-runner is also out -- Double Play. BUT, if the first baseman first steps on the base the batter-runner is out and the force is removed. If the runner standing on first base is now tagged he is safe.