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There is no rule against stepping behind the baseline, so the winner of such a point would be whoever returns every ball inside the court.

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Q: Who gets the point if the tennis player steps behind the baseline?
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If ball hits opponent who is behind baseline who gets the point?

Player standing just behind baseline. Opponent's ball hits this player's foot. Who gets the point?

Where should the first point be served from in tennis?

the right hand side of the baseline

What is the center mark in tennis?

It is the 12" mark at the 1/2-way point of the baseline used to distinguish 2 halves (and service boxes) of a tennis court; short mark that bisects baseline.

Who gets the point if the opponent catches the tennis shot that is clearly going out while standing outside the baseline?

As long as the ball doesn't touch the ground and the opposing player hits it back, then it is considered in.

In tennis what is the Difference between service break and breakpoint?

A service break means that a player has won a game when his or her opponent was serving. A break point is a point when the server is behind and will lose the game if he or she loses that point.

If tennis ball hits player when the player is out of bounds?

If the tennis ball hit the player, even if the player is out of bounds, then the opponent gets the point.

Which is harder badminton or tennis?

I think it is badminton but that is just my point of view because I am a tennis player.

Which is the term used in lawn tennis?

There are many terms used in lawn tennis. Some of those words are volley, ace, baseline, break, advantage, fault, let, set, tiebreaker, return, serve, set point and receiver.

The first point scored by a player in tennis is worth how much?


Can hand touch the table in table tennis?

No, if it does it is a point to the other player.

Which baseline runs from any point on the surface to the north pole?

Which baseline runs from any point on earth's surface to the north pole

Which baseline runs on any point on the surface to the north pole?

Which baseline runs from any point on earth's surface to the north pole