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Basketball players

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Q: Who gets paid more by game basketball players or soccer players?
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Who gets paid the most money in a basketball game?

The players.

What gets more views soccer or basketball?


What gets the most money basketball football or soccer?


Which athletes get paid more basketball or soccer players?

That depends on who you are talking about. Prime time great athletes in soccer, i.e. David Beckham, get paid $50 million a year. Most soccer players get paid less than that, though, much less. A good basketball player gets paid around $20 million a year.

Who gets paid more football player or basketball players?

A soccer player, Ronaldo from real Madrid is paid 126 millions of euros

Who gets paid more European soccer or rugby players?

Soccer players are paid vastly more at the professional levels than rugby players

Who gets paid more a basketball player or football player?

Basketball players

Which gets paid more Basketball player or a judge?

basketball players by far

Who gets paid more a football player or a basketball player?

basketball players

Who gets paid more a rugby union player or a soccer player?

soccer players

How many players are on a field in pro soccer?

There are 11 players for each team in a pro soccer game. (including the goalie). Unless someone gets a card and has to come off. Then they play short.

Who gets paid more football players or basketball players?

Basketball players. Avg. Nfl player 9.6m Avg. Nba players 13.6m

What are the chances of playing College Basketball?

1 player out of every 35 high school basketball players gets to play for a college team. This translates to around 3 percent. 1 out of every 75 college basketball players gets to play for a National Basketball Association team.

How Soccer player gets paid?

Soccer players get paid in pounds in England , but in Europe they are paid in Euros.

What sport gets paid the more soccer player or baseball player?

Soccer Players Big time.

What isthat movie called with a irish basketball player and his little friend gets hit by a car and then the basketball players brother gets out of jail?


Who gets more money between cricket and soccer players in the world?

The soccer plays earn more money.

Do pro soccer players sub?

Yes but each team only gets 3 subs a game and once you're out you're out you can't come back in

How many players are a loud on the field per team during a soccer game?

11 players on each team. Though teams can play with less if a player(s) gets sent off or all subs have been used but then a player gets injured and has to leave the pitch

What is borden ball?

Borden ball is a 2 team game , Each team consists of 6 players , 5 fielders and a goalie.This game is played in a gym and all you need is an indoor soccer ball 2 basketball nets and 2 soccer nets.The object of the game is to score on the other team and there are 3 ways to do this.You can shoot the ball at the basketball net which gives you 5 points , you can throw the ball in the goal under the basketball net which gives you 3 points or you can kick the ball in the goal which gets you 1 point.The game starts with a tip-off like in basketball , when carrying the ball you can only take 3 steps then you have to pass the ball , shoot the ball or drop it to the floor and switch to soccer.Once the ball is dropped to the floor you cannot pick it up , you either have to play a soccer game or kick it into a teamates hands ... you can also kick it off the wall into your own hands.

Do ice hockey players get paid more than soccer players?

i say soccer players cause they pay even for thier medical reasons and hockey does not and soccer gets paid because we play the whole year nonstop and we get paid everyday and more if they score

Who gets more money a male soccer player or a female soccer player?

The likely answer is that male soccer players will make more money. This is because male soccer has a larger audience, and therefore gets more attention from corporate sponsorships.

How much does a soccer player gets paid in California?

How ever much there clubs want them to. Depend on the player and how well you play like Landon Donovan gets paid like $210,980 per game and suckish players get like $400 per game

Who gets paid more a baseball football or a basketball player?

Usually baseball players.

What does players must alternate mean?

The term 'players must alternate' means that players must switch out so each player gets an equal chance to play the game.That term can also mean that players must switch positions (like in basketball, small forward and center) with each other so each player gets an equal chance to play each position.