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Baseball players by far. Look at Alex Rodriguez

The answer above is totally wrong

Basketball players like shaq, kobe, lebron and garnett get payed more than jeter (the highest payed baseball player)

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Q: Who gets paid more basketball players or baseball players?
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Who gets paid more a baseball football or a basketball player?

Usually baseball players.

Who gets paid more by game basketball players or soccer players?

basketball players

Who gets paid more a basketball player or football player?

Basketball players

Which gets paid more Basketball player or a judge?

basketball players by far

Who gets paid more a football player or a basketball player?

basketball players

Why do baseball players get paid more basketball players?

Because they have to run more.

Who gets paid more football players or basketball players?

Basketball players. Avg. Nfl player 9.6m Avg. Nba players 13.6m

What are the differnce between basketball and baseball?

The ball is larger in basketball. Baseball is played with more players.

Who gets paid more baseball players or football players?


Who is more athletic football players or basketball players?

Basketball players are!

Who gets paid more baseball players hocky players or football players?

Usually baseball players depending on skills and how long the cantract is

Who makes more money golf or basketball players?

basketball players

Do rapper make more money basketball players?

Basketball players

Are there more baseball or basketball players in the US?


Do football players get hurt more than basketball players?

yes football players get more hurt than basketball players

Which has more injuries basketball or soccer?

Soccer players get injured much more than basketball players.

Do basketball players make more money than rappers?

basketball players

What is the average salary of basketball players?

The average salary of a professional basketball player is around 5.5 million dollars. This is two million more than baseball players make.

Who gets paid more football or baseball?

Baseball players probably make more money because their contracts are guaranteed.

Do pro basketball players get more than regular basketball players?

If you mean more money then yes they do get A LOT more money.

How many players make up a lineup in basketball?

9 is the minimum number of players on a baseball team the major leagues have more though

Who makes the most money basketball players or football players?

i think that football makes more than basketball because the play much harder and get hurt more than basketball players

Does baseball have more contact than basketball?

No, I think basketball has more contact because you are up against other players that can chase you and take the ball away from you. Baseball, on the other hand, you only hit the ball from a distance and you don't really come in contact with other players on the other team like you do in basketball.

Are basketball players more athletic then dancers?

no,both the basketball players and the dancers do almost equal exercise

Are cricket players paid more or baseball players?

Cricket players get paid 500 million dollars a year, especially India after world cup, baseball players it is only 22 million. Cricket players are so much more rich and that's why most Indians and australians go to cricket instead of basketball, baseball, and football because there is more money.