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Kobe Bryant. Most NBA plaers make more than NFL player, it's not even close.

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Q: Who gets paid more Kobe Bryant or Tony Romo?
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How much Kobe Bryant gets paid?

12 million dollars

Who gets paid the most in the NBA?

Kobe Bryant gets paid the most in the nba at $30 million a year

Who gets Carrie Underwood?

Jimmy Sheridan not Tony Romo, Chace Crawford or Travis Stork

Who is better Kobe Bryant or bill Russell?

Kobe simply because he was more challenge.. but what bill Russel has is every nba player dream..I hope Kobe gets close to that

Is Kobe Bryant scorpion?

yes, he is most definatly scorpion king. he stings people he gets mad at, and they get angry.

How much does a basketball player get paid an hour?

Kobe Bryant gets paid $102,439 per hour during his games.

How much money does Kobe Bryant donate?

kobe gets a lot of flak for ego and bs stories saying he is selfish and etc... but to his credit, he donates out of the spotlight often and anonymously ....

What is Kobe Bryant 2010-2011 salary?

I don't care i just want my answer and a correct one so who ever gets this give me my answer

Is Kobe a rapist?

no he isn't and lebron gets owned by him LAKERS 2009 CHAMPS MVP Kobe Bryant. lebron has 3 rings now right now LeBron is the goat but not in nba history Right now LeBron will beat Kobe and yes I know this has nothing to do with is kobe a rapsist

Who is Trey Gilliard?

A super cool dude that is the best at basketball, better than Kobe Bryant and he gets every girl he wants because he is the sexiest

What size are Kobe Bryant's feet?

Kobe Bryant wears size 14 so i heard. i also heard he gets them custom made cuz hiz feet 2 big lol. note 2 tell.......... thiz iz all heard from a 11 year old black gurll.

Who is the best basketball player in the NBA in 2010?

Arguably LeBron James, he gets heavy competition though from Carmelo Anthony, Dwayne Wade and Kobe Bryant.

Who is better Kobe Bryant LeBron James or Kevin garnett?

Kobe Bryant is the best and will e than lebron. all lebron can do is drive and be hopeful to get fouled and dunk. once he gets old like 30 he wont have the strenght that he has right now and will be utter nonscence for the word great. Kobe is and always will be better than Kobe. lebron says it all the time that Kobe id beter than him. newest one on 60 minutes. lebron James is the greatest in a few years he will be better than mj

Why does everyone hate Kobe Bryant?

huh lets see he raped 4 people under the age of 20, he is black, and he gets paid 22 million dollars a game

Who was the greatest player to play basketball in the nba?

In my opinion it was Michael Jordan. One year, he averaged 37.1 PPG.The greatest player to ever play IS Michael Jordan ,but Kobe is next in line. Kobe, in some ways, is better than Michael Jordan because there isn't one point where you can say Mike is better than Kobe in. Kobe is just as clutch as Michael was. Kobe Bryant has over four game winners in the 2009-10 season. They both have been coached by the future hall of famer Phil Jackson. Kobe has only two more rings to catch Mike. If and when Kobe Bryant gets there what can you say that Mike had more than Kobe other than MVP trophies?

Who get more money Kobe or lebron?

Kobe gets 26 million a year + bonus's Lebron gets 17 million a year + bonus's

How many earthquakes in Kobe Japan per year?

Approximately, Kobe gets 9 typhoons.

Who is better Kobe Bryant Dwight Howard or LeBron James?

You can't really compare them, as they all excel in different areas. Lebron James is a great shooter, driver, and gets good points and blocks. Dwight Howard is a good driver and excels in assists. He is also very good at blocks. Kobe Bryant is a great player all around:, he can do almost everything, dunk, shoot, block, steal, and "give the ball to Pau Gasol"... In my opinion Kobe is the best of them, naturally because he is older.

Where does Kobe Bryant rank all time in scoring?

He is 7th all time in scoring as of 3/1/11 but give him another 2 to 3 weeks and he will be 6th just ahead of moses malone (unless he gets injured).

What actors and actresses appeared in Tony Ezzy Gets a Job - 2012?

The cast of Tony Ezzy Gets a Job - 2012 includes: Tony Ezzy as Tony Ezzy Jennifer June Chapman as Jen

What is wrong with Tony Romo?

Just an opinion, of course:Probably the only thing "wrong" with Tony Romo is unrealistic expectations.Remember Dallas' long string of quarterback disasters, which Drew Bledsoe was supposed to cure. When he flamed out and Romo came in, "salvaged the season" and got the Cowboys into the playoffs, Dallas fans and the media alike were all too quick to proclaim him the next great Cowboys quarterback; a Dandy Don, Roger Staubach and Troy Aikman all rolled into one. The result was instant sports superstardom and ultra-high hopes.Reality check: Tony plays like a 3rd-year starter, which is exactly what he is. Good but not yet great, he sometimes gets the yips and chokes under pressure. Joe Buck asked Troy Aikman (during the Dallas-Denver game in Week 4) how things went for him in his third year - Troy's answer put Romo's play in truer perspective. Romo doesn't have the likes of a Michael Irvin or Emmit Smith to give the ball to, either. Given time, Tony Romo might be a hall-of-famer...some folks just tried to buy him a ticket to Canton a little too early.

What is the range of living things?

when kobe gets the ball and makes a nice three

What actors and actresses appeared in Tony Gets His Piles Done - 2007?

The cast of Tony Gets His Piles Done - 2007 includes: Christopher Brand as Tony Miles Richardson as Proctologist

How is Kobe Bryant ranked among the top players in the NBA?

Kobe Bryant is ranked among the top players in the NBA because he is very talented. He is not the best player in the league, however, and certainly not the best of all time. The best player in the league is Lebron James, and the best player all time is Michael Jordan. He has many championships simply because he gets help from more talented players. Without Shaq and Pau Gasol, Kobe has not won a championship. It just proves that he is not the greatest player in the NBA of the 2000's and certainly not of all time. Kobe is the best player of all time he is better than Michael Jordan!!! No one in the NBA can beat Kobe 1 on 1!!! Kobe is the best player og this decade the best player today and the 6th of alltime and i he wins the championchip 5th

How much does tony Parker get paid?

tony parker gets payed $11,550,000 a year