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it depends on how skilled you are and your worth. also position.

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Q: Who gets more paid a pro soccer play or a pro boxer or a pro football player or a po basketball player?
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How is the best way for an athlete to lose weight?

By stretching, working out, and eating healthy. I would know, I am a boxer, baseball player, football player, and basketball player.

Sports players that's first name begin with a o?

Oscar De La Hoya is a boxer. Oscar Robertson is a basketball player. Otto Graham is a football player.

Are famous soccer player rafeal marquez and famous boxer juan manual marquez brothers?


What sport players have first names that start with o?

· O.J. Simpson (football) · Oscar De La Hoya (boxer) · Oscar Robertson (basketball) · Otto Graham (football)

Who are some athletes that begin with the letter a?

Muhammad Ali is a boxer. Allen Iverson is a basketball player. Al Kaline is a baseball player. Glen Anderson is a hockey player.

What athlete name starts with the letter O?

· O.J. Simpson (football) · Oscar De La Hoya (boxer) · Oscar Robertson (basketball) · Otto Graham (football) · Merlin Olsen (football) · Shaquille O'Neal (basketball) · Bobby Orr (hockey) · Mel Ott (baseball) · Jesse Owens (athlete)

What time did Muhammad Ali go to basketball?

he was a boxer

Who are some famous Panamanian athletes?

*Hector Lopez NY Yankees baseball champions *Ismael "El Tigre" Laguna world boxin champion *Rolando Blackman, Former NBA basketball player, Dallas Mavericks *Panama Al Brown, world boxing champion, first Hispanic world champion in history *Mario ButlerBSN basketball player Puerto Rican resident *Rod Carew, Baseball Hall of Famer *Irichelle Duran, female boxer *Roberto Duran, world champion boxer, father of Irichelle Duran *Alfonso Frazer, world champion boxer *olando Frazer, BSN basketball player *Roberto Kelly, baseball player *Jorge Lujan, world champion boxer *Eusebio Pedroza, world champion boxer *Laffit Pincay Jr., world class jockey *Cornelio H. Velasquez, world class jockey *Mariano Rivera, New York Yankees pitcher *Ramiro Mendoza -NY Yankees, Boston Red Sox -Pitcher *Ernesto "Nato" Marcel world champion boxer *"Maravilla" Pinder world champion boxer *Rigoberto Riasco world champion boxer *Zapata -world champion boxer *Carlos Lee Chicago White Sox -Outfielder *Rommel Fernandez, Soccer player]

What athlete has a name starting with an m?

· Magic Johnson (basketball) · Marcus Allen (football) · Maria Sharapova (tennis) · Mark Spitz (Olympic swim champion) · Marshall Faulk (football) · Martina Navratilova (tennis) · Meadowlark Lemon (basketball - Harlem Globetrotters) · Mel Ott (baseball) · Merlin Olsen (football) · Michael Jordan (basketball) · Michael Phelps (Olympic gold medal swimmer) · Michael Vick (football) · Muhammad Ali (boxer) · Moses Malone (basketball) · Archie Manning (football) · Eli Manning (football) · Peyton Manning (football) · Mickey Mantle (baseball) · Willie Mays (baseball) · John McEnroe (tennis) · Art Monk (football) · Vernon Earl Monroe (basketball) · Stan Musial (baseball)

Is joe frazier Walt frazier's brother?

Walt "Clyde" Frazier, the basketball player is no relation to Joe Frazier, the boxer who turned Muhammad Ali into a vegetable.

What is the proper noun for athlete?

A proper noun for athlete is Jackie Robinson.

Who are famous athletes whose name start with a j?

· Jack Dempsey (boxing) · James "Catfish" Hunter (baseball) · James Palmer (baseball) · James Worthy (basketball) · Jerry West (basketball) · Jersey Joe Walcott (boxer) · Jerry Lucas (basketball) · Jerry Rice (football) · Jesse Owens (athlete) · Jim Brown (football) · Jim Kelly (football) · Jim Thorpe (athlete) · Jimmy Connors (tennis) · Joe DiMaggio (baseball) · Joe Lewis (boxing) · John Elway (football) · John McEnroe (tennis) · John Riggins (football) · John P. "Honus" Wagner (baseball) · Johnny Bench (baseball) · Johnny Unites (football) · Julius Erving (basketball) · LeBron James (basketball) · Jimmie Johnson (racecar driver) · Magic Johnson (basketball) · Michael Jordan (basketball) · Florence Griffith Joyner (track athlete) · Sonny Jurgensen (football)

What are some famous people's first names that begin with the letter M?

Famous athletes with a first name that starts with M:Marcus Allen (football)Maria Sharapova (tennis)Mark Spitz (Olympic swim champion)Marshall Faulk (football)Martina Navratilova (tennis)Meadowlark Lemon (basketball - Harlem Globetrotters)Mel Ott (baseball)Merlin Olsen (football)Michael Jordan (basketball)Michael Phelps (Olympic gold medal swimmer)Michael Vick (football)Muhammad Ali (boxer)Moses Malone (basketball)

What is Danny Green's birthday?

Danny Green, the American basketball player, was born on June 22, 1987. Danny Green, the Australian boxer, was born March 9, 1973.

What is Danny Green's birthday?

Danny Green, the American Basketball player, was born on June 22, 1987. Danny Green, the Australian boxer, was born March 9, 1973.

Who are some competitors from Norway?

John Carew, football playerSimen Agdestein, chess playerKurt Asle Arvesen, cyclistHenning Berg, football player and managerAsbjørn Berg-Hansen, flyweight boxer and cyclistEdvald Boasson Hagen, cyclist

Who wins more money a baseball player or a boxer?

a baseball player

Did Nick Blackwell play football for Liverpool?

No - Nick Blackwell is a middleweight boxer.

How is Paul Ince related to Nigel Benn?

Paul Ince and Nigel Benn are cousins. Paul Ince is an English soccer player, while Nigel Benn is a middleweight boxer from London.

Who is an rugby player and boxer?

Sonny Bill Williams

Boxer plays for man united football club in 1940?

Your thinking of Ricky Hatton.

Who make more a baseball player or a boxer?

Baseball players

What kind of underwear do high school soccer players wear?

Usually under armour boxer-briefs for support.

Top ten richest sport men in 2010?

1- Tiger woods (golfer) 2- Micheal schumakaer (f1 driver) 3- Alex 4- kobe brayant (basket ball player ) 5- david beckham (football player) 6- phil mickelson (golf) 7- roger federar (football) 8- ronaldo (football) 9- floyd (boxer) 10- Lionel messi (football)

What athletes have last name that start with a?

Athletes that have a last name that starts with the letter A:Hank Aaron (baseball)Andre Agassi (tennis)Troy Aikman (football)Muhammad Ali (boxer)Marcus Allen (football)Glen Anderson (hockey)Carmelo Anthony (basketball)Luis Aparicio (baseball)Arthur Ashe (tennis)