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Q: Who gave the positions on a cricket field their names?
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What is the climax of the story Cricket in the road?

Vern gave his new bat to selo

How do you use audience in a sentences?

The audience gave applausment to the cricket match

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Number of balls in a cricket over?

There are 6 balls in a cricket over. No matter what type of cricket game you play. However, if you bowl wide or no ball then you will have to bowl that particular ball again but you also gave 2 extra runs for your opposition.

Who gave the first idea of cricket game?

french nuns back before the 1600's

Cricket What if a bowler had gave a no ball and with it dead ball will it be a no ball or a dead ball?

dead ball.

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Taylor Owsianyk did

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They gave their children names of people in the Bible.

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Cricket in India is more popular than Hockey, because, Indian have always been better at cricket than their national sport, Hockey. Since India was once the best in the world at cricket, the Indians gave up their encouragement towards India for Hockey. Cricket is currently India's No. 1 sport! India was once the best at hockey, but, after years when cricket was discovered in India, Hockey was almost forgotten! But India is still known for Hockey and is great at it as well as cricket!

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They gave their children names of people in the Bible. (apex)

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