Who formed the all blacks rugby team?

Updated: 12/14/2022
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The actual ALL BLACKS were formed OFFICIALLY1895. I say this as there was a New Zealand touring team compiled through the NZ RFU in 1893 however, 3 unions were not included - these were Otago, Canterbury and Southland.

Following the formation of the New Zealand Rugby Union in 1892, it was decided that the New Zealand representative colours should be "Black Jersey with Silver Fernleaf, Black Cap with Silver Monogram, White Knickerbockers (long leg shorts) and Black Stockings (socks)" on the motion of Mr W Ellison (NZRFU)

The first "All Black" team was actually called "The Natives" when they toured outside Australia, in the UK. They were given that name "ALL BLACKS" during their famous 1905 tour to the British Isles, France and Canada.

In Devon (UK) a newspaper called "The Express & Echo"appears to be the first to use the term All-blacks when it recorded the day the 1905 touring side beat Devon 55-4 in their first game. By 11 October the Daily Mail a UK news paper again picked up on the name and continued to use "All Blacks" as a defining name.

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Q: Who formed the all blacks rugby team?
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All Blacks rugby team is from New Zealand. All Blacks rugby team doesn't compete in the World Cup, but it has competed in the Churchil Cup and in the Pacific Nations Cup.

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The All Blacks are the national Rugby Union team of New Zealand.

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The New Zealand Rugby team is called The All Blacks.

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Yes it is. its called the ALL BLACKS.

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