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Jonathan Vilma was first drafted by the New York Jets in 2004.

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Q: Who first drafted Jonathan vilma into the NFL?
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Which NFL football player was talking about haiti?

Jonathan Vilma

Who was the first black to play with the Baltimore Ravens?

NFL Hall of Famer Jonathan Ogden was the first black and first Raven to be drafted after the move from Cleveland.

When did OJ get drafted into NFL?

OJ Simpson was drafted with the First selection in the 1969 common AFL/NFL Draft by the Buffalo Bills.

Who was first spartan drafted in NFL?

Sid Wagner

Who is the best run stuffing linebacker in the NFL?

Brian Urlacher no retard Jonathan vilma on the saints and ray Lewis on the ravens No Brian Urlacher and Brian Cushing are! Retard!

Why did saints do bounty scandal?

Simple answer: THEY DIDN'T. NFL commissioner Roger Goodell is a LIAR. One player he suspended was Jonathan Vilma, and why? Vilma (who is now back on the team after courageously suing Goodell [If you're reading this, Mr. Vilma, I applaude you]) is a refugee from Haiti and knows his people need help, built a school there, and didn't put his name on it even! Jonathan Vilma is a great man. And to top off why Goodell targeted him specifically, Vilma's a Christian. Good people make bad people like Goodell mad. Take Dat, Roger!

Which university has the most first picks drafted to the nfl?


Who is the first African American to be drafted in the nfl?

Doug Williams

Who was in NFL first Joe Montana or John Elway?

Joe Montana was first in 1979 he was drafted. John Elway was drafted in 1983

Who was the first Rutgers football player to get drafted by the NFL?

According to's historical draft database, the first Rutgers player drafted was Linebacker Bob Simms who was drafted in the 10th round in the 1960 NFL Draft by the New York Giants.

What year was Donovan McNabb drafted into the NFL?

He was drafted into the NFL IN 1999

Highest drafted punter of all time?

Ray Guy, drafted in the first round by the Oakland Raiders in 1973, is the only punter to be drafted in the first round in the NFL draft.