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Virendra sehwag

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Q: Who faced the first ball of India's innings in 2011 world cup final match?
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How many ducks did Don Bradman score in Test cricket?

During Sir Donald Bradman's incredible cricketing career, he made a total of 211 centuries, played 80 tests for Australia (most of them as captain), and made 6996 test runs. In the English summer of 1930 Bradman scored 974 runs over the course of the five Ashes tests, the highest individual total in any test series. Bradman's batting average of 99.94 from his 52 Tests was nearly double the average of any other player before or since.

Indias first newspaper?

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What is indias first prieminister?

Pandit nehru

How did Donald Bradman get out in his final innings?

He was bowled on the first ball for a duck (zero). Four runs would have left him an average of 100 - it ended on 99.94

What is Indias first nuclear submarine?

INS Chakra

Who is indias first national president?

Dr.Mahatma Gandi

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Sriharikota Sriharikota

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Did Donald bradman win his first anld last test matches?

not the first,Australia lost the match by 675 runs in which he made the debut but Australia won the final test he played by an innings and 149 runs.

Who was Indian batsman in his first test first innings duck out and get second innings century?

G. R. Vishwnath against Australia at Kanpur in the year 1969.