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Q: Who employed captain george Vancouver?
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Who explored Vancouver?

British Captain 'George Vancouver'...

Which explorer is Vancouver named after?

It is named after Captain George Vancouver.

How did Vancouver WA get its name?

Same as Vancouver, BC. It is named after Captain George Vancouver.

Which explorer is Vancouver Island named after?

It is named after Captain George Vancouver.

Did george Vancouver name Vancouver islands?

Spanish captain Bodega y Quadra and British captain George Vancouver met near Vancouver Island. There meeting was a friendly one, and Captain Quadra proposed that the Island be named Quadra and Vancouver Island, which they both agreed upon. Spanish influence later disappeared, so the name of the island was eventually shortened to Vancouver Island.

Who is the English explorer for Vancouver?

Vancouver was named after Captain George Vancouver. He explored much of the coastline, but did not found any settlements in Vancouver.

Was George Vancouver a crew member on Captain Cook's voyages?

George Vancouver joined Captain Cook's crew on his secondjourney, which was from July 1772 to July 1775.

Where is George Vancouver now?

Captain George Vancouver RN (June 22, 1757 - May 12, 1798) is resting in Peace.

How did Vancouver get its name?

It was named after Captain George Vancouver, a British navy officer, who first explored that region.

What is Vancouver in Canada named for?

Captain George Vancouver, a British Navy Officer who explored the Pacific Northwest.

Who named Vancouver?

William Van Horne named it after Captain George Vancouver, who had explored much of the area.

How did Vancouver get named?

William Van Horne named it after Captain George Vancouver, who had explored much of the area.

How long did British naval captain George Vancouver stay in what is now known as Vancouver?

1 day

What was the technology used on Captain George Vancouver's trip?

a boat

When did Vancouver discouver Vancouver island?

Captain George Vancouver originally reached Vancouver Island in 1776 as master of the Endeavor, one of three ships commanded by Captain James Cook on his explorations of the Pacific Ocean. Vancouver returned to Vancouver Island as captain of the Discovery in 1788, on a mapping expedition of the coastline north of the Columbia River delta.

Who were the British explorers who mapped Canada's Pacific coast?

Captain James Cook and Captain George Vancouver!

When did captain george Vancouver die?

He died on May, 10, 1798.

What is the vancover state?

Vancouver is a coastal city located in Canada, and named after British Captain George Vancouver.

What accomplishments did captain george Vancouver achieve?

He was the first person to make Manure.

What country sponsored George Vancouver?

Probably England. It was his nationality. George Vancouver was an explorer. He had 5 older brothers. he was born in England in 1758. He is famous for discovering Vancouver. ============================================================== Captain George Vancouver was an officer in the British Royal Navy. As such, he was not "sponsored." He was following orders.

When was Vancouver Island Discovered?

The first European to land on the Island was Captain James Cook in 1774 The first European to discover that it was an island and not part of the mainland was Captain George Vancouver in 1792

Did Captain George Vancouver discover Vancouver BC?

actually he didn't. Vancouver BC was just named after him. he actually discovered Vancouver island. it was originally named Vancouver and Quadra island but after the spanish revolution ended it shortened to simply Vancouver island. =D

Is Vancouver part of British Columbia?

Two cities on the west coast of North America are named Vancouver. One is in the State of Washington and one is in the Province of British Columbia. Both were named after Captain George Vancouver of the Royal Navy, who explored and charted much of North America's west coast. Vancouver Island is also named after Captain George Vancouver. Vancouver, British Columbia, is the largest city in British Columbia, but it is not the capital. British Columbia's capital is Victoria, which was named after Queen Victoria. Victoria is located on Vancouver Island.

How did Vancouver Washington get its name?

The British explorer Lt. William Broughton named a point of land along the shore in honor of his commander Captain George Vancouver.

Who was Vancouver founded by?

The city of Vancouver is named after Captain George Vancouver (June 22, 1757 - May 12, 1798), a Captain in the British Royal Navy, who charted the waters around the present day city of Vancouver in the year 1792. The city of Vancouver; however, was not incorporated until 6 April 1886 (almost 100 years after the death of Captain Vancouver). The city of Vancouver was incorporated the same year that the first transcontinental train arrived. The city's name, honouring Captain George Vancouver, was chosen by Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR) president William Van Horne. "Gassy Jack" Deighton created a tavern in 1867 next to the Hasting's Mill. The settlement then known as Gastown grew up around the tavern and mill. Gastown is still a popular tourist area of Vancouver to this day.