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John Landy of Australia posting a time of 3:58.

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Q: Who else besides roger bannister has broken the four minute mile?
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Bannister is a surname for a man who did what?

Roger Bannister ran the 1st 4 minute mile

Who is Roger Bannister?

Roger Bannister was the first person to run a mile race in less than four minutes. Click on the Roger Bannister link on this page to read about his life and all of the things he accomplished.There were 2 TV films about Roger Bannister:* The Four Minute Mile (1988, with actor Richard Huw as Bannister) * Four Minutes (2005, with Jamie Machlachlan as Bannister) The film Chariots of Fire was about running, but not about Roger Bannister.

Who was First men to run 4 minute mile?

Roger Bannister

Who ran the first four minute mile?

Roger Bannister, from England

Who ran the first four-minute mile?

Roger Bannister, from England

Who ran the first under -4-minute mile?

Roger Bannister

Who is the fattest person to run a four minute mile?

Roger Bannister

Who was the president when roger bannister ran the under 4 minute mile?


Who first achieved a four minute mile in Oxford in 1954?

Roger Bannister

What record did Roger Bannister beat?

He achieved the first four-minute mile.

Who ran the first sub 4 minute mile in 1954?

The two runners that paced Roger Bannister in the race were Chris Brasher and Chris Chataway. Click on the 'Video of the First Sub Four Minute Mile' link on this page to see a tape of that historic race.

Roger bannister accomplished something on may 6th 1954 what did he do?

Sub 4 minute mile..