Who dunks better lebron James or derrick rose?

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2012-04-17 16:12:04

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Derrick rose is byfar the better dunker

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2012-04-17 16:12:04
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Q: Who dunks better lebron James or derrick rose?
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How many dunks does LeBron James have?

LeBron James is the man in dunking u know what im sayin. he dunks on people, or when hes open he shows some 360 or windmill dunks. by da way LeBron James has over 900 dunks already since 2009.

How many dunks has LeBron James had?


What is LeBron James Average of Dunks per game?


Who dunks better Andre or lebron?

Lebron James he is the greatest dunker in basketball today Im geussing you are talking about Andre Dawkins if you are I would say Lebron because he is just so athletic

How many dunks has LeBron James made?

There's no exact numbers on how many dunks Lebron James made. Maybe thousands already cos he's dunking the ball each and every game. This includes his high school times.

How many slam dunks does LeBron James have?

Over the course of his career, Lebron James has over 100 slam dunks. Although, he has never actually won a Slam Dunk Contest. He simply refuses to even enter the Slam Dunk Contest.

What do LeBron James and Michael Jordan have alike?

great players, monster dunks, and great in transition.

Who is better lebron James or Dwight howard?

Dwight: Rebounding, blocks, overall defense, two handed dunks (#1 center) LeBron: Outside shots, layups, assists, drive scoring (#1 SF)

When did lebron dunk?

to my knowledge lebron dunks at least once a game

Who dunks better out of vince carter and lebron?

Kobe bryant thinks vince is better but thats just because hes jealous of lebron because for one thing lebron has dubked from free throw line and he can do any dunk that is possible to do plus when lebron james jumps as high as he can for a dunk his head and sometimes shoulder goes over the 10 ft rim, so obviously lebron is better

Will LeBron James be in the hall of fame?

Yes, Lebron will for sure be in the hall of fame because he is so good. he has made buzzers and awesome dunks and he has amazing stats too.

What is the name of the LeBron James commercial when he says try to beat me you Cant and then he dunks the ball?

The Hubba Bubba commercial with lemon in the gum.

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