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In the late 1970's Lennie Pond drove the Pepsi car for a little while but other then that Pepsi wasn't really on a car a lot.

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Q: Who drove for Pepsi in Nascar before Jeff Gordon?
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Who drove the number 24 car before Jeff Gordon in Nascar?

Kenny Wallace

How many Nascar races did Jeff Gordon enter in 2004?

Jeff Gordon drove the full 36 race Nascar Cup Series schedule in 2004.

Who are the past drivers in Nascar that drove for sponsor Meineke?

Jeff Gordon and Richard Petty.

Who drove the Meineke car through Nascar history?

Jeff Gordon and Richard Petty both drove cars sponsored by Meineke.

What was the first car Jeff Gordon raced in Nascar?

Jeff Gordon drove the #67 Outback Steakhouse Pontiac in his first ever Nascar race. He drove it on October 20, 1990 at North Carolina Motor Speedway in the Busch Series.

Did Jeff gord0n ever drive a ford in a nascar race?

Jeff Gordon never drove a ford race car

Did Jeff Gordon go from number 43 to 24?

No. Since his first Nascar Cup Series race in 1992, Jeff Gordon always drove the #24 car.

How old was Jeff Gordon when he started racing in the Winston Cup Series?

Jeff Gordon was 22 years old when he drove in his first Nascar Winston Cup Series race.

Did Jeff Gordon ever drive a Ford in a Nascar race?

Jeff Gordon did drive a Ford in the Busch Series (now known as the Nationwide Series) for Bill Davis Racing in 1991 and 1992. Jeff never drove a Ford in the Nascar Cup Series.

Who drove the NASCAR Budweiser car in 2010?

In 2010, Kasey Kahne drove the Budweiser car in the Nascar Cup Series.

Who drove the Budweiser car in NASCAR in 1987?

In 1987, Terry Labonte drove the Budweiser car in the Nascar Cup Series.

Witch NASCAR racer is number seven?

During the 2009 NASCAR Sprint Cup season, Robby Gordon drove the #7 for Robby Gordon Motorsports.Other famous drivers of the #7 in past seasons include Michael Waltrip, Geoff Bodine and Alan Kulwicki.

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