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Q: Who does the AFC east play next year?
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What division will the NFC west play next year?

They play the NFC East and AFC North in 2011.

Will the redskins play the dolphins in 2010 season?

No, the Redskins won't play the Dolphins until 2011. The Redskins play the AFC South in 2010. This year they play the AFC West, In 2008 they played the AFC North and in 2007 was when they played the AFC East, including being the victim of one of New England's perfect regular season.

What division do the Miami Dolphins play in?


What NFC division will the Patriots play in 2010?

AFC east

When was AFC East created?

AFC East was created in 1960.

Who will the Tennessee Titans play 2010-2011?

In 2010 the Titans will play the following - Their division opponants - The Colts, the Jaguars, and the Texans - twice. The AFC West, hosting the Broncos and Raiders while traveling to San Diego and Kansas City. The NFC East, hosting the Eagles and Redskins while traveling to Dallas and to New York. The AFC North and AFC East teams with the same divisional finish as they - i.e. if the Titans finished fourth in the AFC South they would play the fourth-place teams from the AFC North (the Browns) and the AFC East (the Bills).

Do NFC and AFC teams play each other in the regular season?

AFC and NFC are the two conferences in the NFL. Teams play against each other throughout the pre-season and regular season. During the playoffs, teams only play other teams from their conference, until the Superbowl, where one team from each conference play each other for the Championship.

What division do the Cowboys play in?

The Cowboys play in the National Football Conference's East Division.

What division do the niners play next year?

The 49ers will face play all teams in their division twice, plus all the teams from one NFC division and an AFC division.

What conference are the jets in?


What are the names of the divisions in the NFL?

AFC- AFC east, AFC west, AFC north, AFC south NFC- NFC east, NFC west, NFC north, NFC south

Who do the cowboys play in 2011 from the AFC?

The Dallas Cowboys will play the AFC East teams in 2011:Home: Buffalo Bills, Miami Dolphins.Away: New England Patriots, New York Jets.