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Q: Who does old Moore predict will win the 2008 Grand National Horse Race?
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When did Moore predict Moore's law?


When was Moore River National Park created?

Moore River National Park was created in 1969.

What is the area of Moore River National Park?

The area of Moore River National Park is 172.54 square kilometers.

Did Clayton Moore ride his horse Silver in The Lone Ranger?

Yes , Silver was frequently ridden by Clayton Moore .

When did Caleb Moore die?

Caleb Moore died on January 31, 2013, in Grand Junction, Colorado, USA of snowmobile accident.

Who had a horse named silver?

The Lone Ranger, played by Clayton Moore.

Does Moore's law predict that the number of transistors inside a CPU will triple every eighteen months?

Yes, Moore's Law predicts that the number of transistors inside a CPU will triple every eighteen months.

What does Moore's law predict?

Moore's Law is not a law of physics, but is a mere trend identified by the IC engineer Gordon Moore in 1965. It predicts, or more accurately states that the number of transistors that can be placed inexpensively on an integrated circuit doubles approximately every two years.

What has the author Elaine Therese Moore written?

Elaine Therese Moore has written: 'Winning your spurs' -- subject(s): Horse-shows, Horsemanship

What team did Pele and bobby Moore play for?

Pele played for Santos. Bobby Moore played for West Ham and Fulham. Pele's National team was Brazil while Bobby Moore's was England.

What has the author R Cosby Moore written?

R. Cosby Moore has written: 'Ah youth -- and experience!' -- subject(s): Virginia National Bank

How far is the Jigalong in Western Australia from the Moore River National Park?

5 kilometres

What was the role of Bobby Moore in the England National Football Team when they won the World Cup in 1966?

Bobby Moore was famous English footballer in the 1950's and 1960's His role in the England National Football Team when they won the World Cup in 1996 was team captain.

Where is the National Carousel Association in Spokane California located?

The address of the National Carousel Association is: 10009 N Moore Street, Spokane, CA 90067-2701

What was Billy the Kid's horse's name?

Billy the kid had multiple horses over time. However, he was reputed to have had a favorite Bay mare, a race horse, that he legally purchased. The mare eventually ended up in the possession of a Ms. Moore who named the mare "Kid Stewart Moore". The original name of the mare, and the name used by Billy for the mare, is unknown.

What has the author Jesse Thomas Moore written?

Jesse Thomas Moore has written: 'A search for equality' -- subject(s): African Americans, Civil rights, History, National Urban League

What has the author James Oliver Moore written?

James Oliver Moore has written: 'Investigation of rehabilitation patients with neuropsychologically-related dysfunctions and other medical disorders in terms of their functional capabilities and family factors that will predict their discharge criteria and family satisfaction upon completion of the treatment program'

Where did bobby Moore grow up?

Bobby Moore grew up in Barking, Essex, near London, England. He went on to play for several club teams and the English national team before becoming a manager.

How did Robert m Moore die mayor of cinncinnati in 1877?

None of my records show that he was still mayor. He is my 4th great grand father.

Where is the Delaware And Lehigh National Herita in Easton Pennsylvania located?

The address of the Delaware And Lehigh National Herita is: 2750 Hugh Moore Park Rd, Easton, PA 18042-7120

How many tornadoes have been in Moore Oklahoma Was there on in 1960?

There were three tornadoes there in 1960. The National Weather Service records two F2 tornadoes in Moore, OK, on April 28, 1960, and an F2 tornado in Moore, OK, on May 16, 1960. See link attached below. Since records began in 1950 there have been 12 recorded tornadoes in Moore.

What did Roger Moore study at Durham University?

Roger Moore attended Durham University's college of the Venerable Bede (now part of Hild Bede). He studied Theatre and/or Drama but didn't finish, possibly due to national service.

What is Matt Moore best known for?

Matt Moore is most famous as an American football quarterback for the Miami Dolphins. The Miami Dolphins play in the National Football League. He previously played for the Carolina Panthers from 2007 till 2010.

How long did Lt Col Harold Moore serve in Vietnam?

Lt. Col. Harold Gregory Moore, also known as Hal Moore, served in the entire Vietnam Conflict. He is also the recipient of the Distinguished Service Cross, the Army Distinguished Service Medal, the Legion or merit (three times), and the Bronze Star/Medal (four times, three of which for valor). He has five children and 12 grand-children. He was married to the late Julia Compton-Moore, who died in 2004.

What has the author John Louis Moore written?

John Louis Moore has written: 'Zimbabwe's fight to the finish' -- subject(s): Politics and government, National liberation movements, Land reform, Economic conditions, Structural adjustment (Economic policy)