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Q: Who does ellwood city football team play tonight?
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What football team does Sergio Aguero play for?

Manchester city football club.

Who is in the top of college football in 2009?

Alabama and Texas are 1 & 2. They play tonight for the national championship.

Which football team does vassel play for?

Manchester city

Where do York City football club play?

Kitkat Crescent

Which Manchester City player will play football in the Olympics?


What city does the football team the packers play for?

Green Bay

What football ground do Nottingham forest play at?

The City Ground

What football team does pablo ibanez play for?

birmingham city

What football teams can play in a stoke derby?

stoke city

On which TV channels can I watch football tonight?

Many television channels play live football games. ESPN plays many of the football games not hosted by public syndicates such as ABC, Fox, and NBC. The three latter stations will play almost all of the games, though.

What year did ken noon play for stoke city football club?

what years did stanley mathews play for stoke city

Who is Robbie Fowler?

He plays football for Cardiff City. Used to play for Liverpool Football Club (TWICE!)