Who does Fabio Borini play for?

Updated: 12/12/2022
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Fabio borini plays for Sunderland he plays as number 31 .

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Q: Who does Fabio Borini play for?
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When was Fabio Borini born?

Fabio Borini was born on 1991-03-29.

How old is Fabio Borini?

Fabio Borini is 26 years old (birthdate March 29, 1991).

What number is fabio borini for Liverpool?


What Italian players play in the Premier League?

Emanuele Giaccherini Fabio Borini Emiliano Viviano Dani Osvaldo Davie Santon Vito Mannone

How many Italians have played for Liverpool?

Liverpool have had 3 Italians play for them excluding their new signing Fabio Borini. They are Dossena, Padelli and Aquilani.

Who is Liverpools number 29?

As of July 13th Fabio Borini wears the number 29 as he requested to wear the number.

What teams does Fabio Cannavaro play for?

Juventus and Italy.

What teams has Fabio Capello managed?

The Russian manager Fabio Capello has manged seven different teams. However, Fabio Capello managed five different teams. He has managed teams that play soccer.

What Italian football team did fabio capello play for?

It was for A.C. Milan.

When did baseball player Fabio Castro play?

Fabio Castro debuted on April 6, 2006 and played his final game on September 17, 2007.

Does Raphael play for Manchester United?

Yes he does. His twin brother Fabio does as well.

Who is Rafael and Fabio from Manchester United Football Team?

The da Silva twins are the Brazilian youngsters who play full-back at United. Fabio is the left back, Rafael the right.