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Rip Hamilton

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โˆ™ 2008-10-24 01:17:08
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Q: Who do you think is the best player on the pistons team?
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Are the denver nuggets the best team ever?

Of course what did you think, the Detroit Pistons were? No the Denver Nuggets were.

Is chauncey Billups the best b-ball player on his team?

No and he never will so give up and root another team on. Boo Pistons!!! Boo where ever you from and your team long as u ain't from Cleveland im from Detroit.Go Pistons!!!

What is the best super 15 team?

No team, its what you think is the best team

What is Liam Paynes fav football team?

Fc barcelona, and he think that messi is the best player.

How many football player are allowed on a team?

I think 15 at best. Most likely is 12.

Who is the best player on NBA team lakers?

The best player in the Laker team is Kobe Brynt.

What team is Blake Griffin on?


What characteristices do you think make a great team player?

What characteristics do you think make a great team player?

Is this a sentence fragment Jim is the best player on the team?

The way it is written (Jim is the best player on the team.) is a full sentence. Written as a sentence fragment it would be: Jim, who is the best player on the team... (is what?). Ways to fix a sentence fragment: Jim, who is the best player on the team, led the celebration. Jim, who is the best player on the team, has been sidelined.

What NBA team had the most point in a team?

detrioit pistons

What has the best football team?

Maybe you mean What is the best football team but it is personal opinion not a set thing.I think Dallas cowboys is the best team but the best team is really what you think it is.

Why are the Detroit pistons called the pistons?

There is this guy called Fred Zollner and he decided to make a b-ball team. He was a manager of a car company in Indiana. He named his team the Fort Wayne Pistons. After that somebody relocated the team to Detroit.

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