Who do you like Steven Gerrard or Fernado Torres?

Updated: 8/17/2019
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steven gerrad cause my god he is

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Q: Who do you like Steven Gerrard or Fernado Torres?
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Does Fernando Torres like steven Gerrard?

Very much.. When to classy acts are put together on one field only magic is seen.

What was Steven Gerrard's childhood like?

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What does Steven Gerrard like?

he likes car's

Why good social skills are important?

There So Imortant For Footballers And Torres is Just The Best Like Even Though Shearer Was A Legend But Torres And Gerrard Are well Better Liverpool Players Are Quite God Like But Torres And Gerrard Are Well Better

What other sports does steven Gerrard like playing?


What is Steven Gerrard's official fan phone number?

footballers like Gerrard don't give away their numbers

Who is the best footballer for Liverpool?

A question like that is a matter of opinion, and the answer may change numerous times during a season. Commonly there are 3 players that are considered to be "the backbone" for Liverpool: Defense: Jamie Carragher Midfield: Steven Gerrard Attacker: Fernando Torres If one were to attempt to name a best footballer on the current Liverpool team, a good bid would be Steven Gerrard.

What qualifications does Steven Gerrard have?

Gerrard has achieved a lot of things like fifa world player of the year and ballon d'or

How much does steven Gerrard get paid a week?

As of 2020, Steven Gerrard's reported salary is 140,000 per week. That works out to be 7.3 million per year. 140,000 per week 7.3 million per year

Why are Liverpool getting worse and worse as seasons go on?

Liverpool are not getting worse each year they are having their top players like Steven Gerrard, Fernando Torres and others injured at regular intervals and Gerrard has repeatedly got groin injury . And to make matters worse is the money matter at the club , so they sold Xavi Alonso to Real Madrid.

What does a midfeilder do?

a midfielder either attacks or defends, but they have to pass forwards or backwards. They can defend or attack at the same time like steven gerrard

How old is Liverpool player steven Gerrard?

Infact steven Gerrard is 28 years of age. His birthday is on 30th May and he was born in 1980. I like to think i am aquanited with Steven as i have been lucky enough to meet him on several occasions! Im a very lucky girl.