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The Cowboys failed to make the 2011 playoffs.

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Q: Who do the Dallas Cowboys play during the playoffs?
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What years were the Dallas Cowboys in the play offs?

Since 1966, the Dallas Cowboys have appeared in the playoffs 30 times.

When does saints play Dallas Cowboys?

Barring a meeting during the 2011 playoffs, the New Orleans Saints and the Dallas Cowboys aren't projected to play again until the 2012 regular season at Cowboys Stadium. The NFC East teams are scheduled to play the NFC South teams next year.

Who did dallas play in the 2007 NFL playoffs?

The Cowboys lost a divisional playoff to the New York Giants.

When did Eddie george play for Dallas Cowboys?

He played for the Cowboys during the 2004 season.

What sport do the Dallas Cowboys play?

The Dallas Cowboys play American-style Football.

When will the Dallas Cowboys play in Detroit?

The Dallas Cowboys will play the Detroit Lions at Ford Field during the 2013 regular season. It will be the Cowboys' first visit to Detroit since the 2007 season, when Dallas won 28-27.

Did Stan Herman play for the Dallas Cowboys?

Stan Herman played for the Dallas Cowboys during the pre-season in 1976. Injury ended his career.

Did troy aikman play on the Dallas Cowboys?

Yes Troy Aikman did play for the dallas cowboys before

In what state do the Dallas Cowboys play home games?

The Dallas Cowboys play their home games at Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas.

What is the stadium that the Dallas Cowboys play on?

Cowboys Stadium.

What years did testaverde play for Dallas?

Vinny Testaverde was the starting quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys during the 2004 season.

What year did randall Cunningham play for the cowboys?

Randall Cunningham was a member of the Dallas Cowboys during the 2000 NFL season.

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